NTUC Phl Youth Action Agenda on the Future of Work We Want, 2018-2022 (“Just, Inclusive, Equitable, and Decent: that’s the future of work we want!”)

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NTUC Phl Youth Action Agenda on the Future of Work We Want, 2018-2022 (“Just, Inclusive, Equitable, and Decent: that’s the future of work we want!”)

The TUCP Youth Assembly, meeting in Quezon City on 18 August 2019, adopts this Youth Action Agenda for 2019 and beyond — Addressing the concerns of young people to ensure a Future of Work that is decent, inclusive, just, and equitable, consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and with the goals and objectives of the TUCP and its parent organizations, the International Trade Union Confederation Asia Pacific (ITUC) and its Asia Pacific regional organization (AP);

In conformity with the Priorities for National Policy and Action contained in The Bali Declaration, which was adopted at the 16th ILO Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, in December 2016 – “targeted efforts at promoting decent work for traditionally disadvantaged categories of workers, including youth, people with disabilities, migrant workers, national minorities and indigenous peoples, and people living with HIV and AIDS”;

Appreciating continuous improvement in young workers’ awareness and knowledge on current and emerging labor and social issues and the world of work, through the interactive sessions including: Digitization of Work and the Gig Economy: Implications for Young Workers’ Employment, Organizing, and Decent Work; Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence in the Workplace; OSH for Young Workers and OSH Network; Sustainable Development Goals: No one left behind; Reproductive Health, Family Planning, and HIV/AIDS at the Workplace; Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) and its Impact on Workers; and The Future of Work.

Strengthening solidarity and coordination among young workers and trade unions with the election of the officers of the TUCP Youth Committee; the organization of its Youth Advisory Council, composed of former young trade union leaders, to provide support, advice, and guidance to the Committee; and deciding on at least one meeting each year. The amended Terms of Reference of the Committee shall be brought to the TUCP General Council for its affirmation.

The Youth Committee will train their efforts and resources to help address decent work deficits, particularly on:
1. Education on trade unions, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights of young workers;
[Adapting modules on these subjects]
2. Strengthening laws and regulations, and developing targets and action plans, to achieve gender equality, prevent and end violence and harassment, discriminatory recruitment practices, pay gaps and unfair bias;
[Campaign for ratification of ILO Convention No. 190 on Violence and Harassment;
Continuing actions for enterprise-based mechanisms against violence and harassment]
3. Skills for employment and future types of work,
including active labor market policies that target young workers;
[Plant-level orientation on the Future of Work]
4. Security of tenure, non-standard forms of employment and informal employment among young workers;
5. Youth participation in union leadership and operations, and in social dialogue mechanisms and decision-making processes, including in communities;
[Engagement in ITUC AP/DGB/ATUC project on women and youth participation]
6. Income inequality and fairer sharing of profits and gains;
7. Productivity and gainsharing;
8. Effective implementation of the new law on occupational safety and health standards;
9. Advocacy for supporting family-friendly workplace policies and practices, including reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, and work-life balance;
[Implementation of new expanded maternity leave act, universal health care law, HIV and AIDS act of 2018, increasing paternity leave]
10. Climate justice and just transition
[Plant-level orientation on climate change and just transition]
11. Social media and information technology for awareness-raising and education, employment services, organizing young workers;
12. Mobility and labor migration of young workers;
[Youth committee engagement in ATUC information system]
13. Collecting data and carrying out research on these priority areas, including baseline information.
[Baseline surveys on #4, #5, #7, #11 and #12]

[in parenthesis, priorities of priorities for immediate action]

Nov 25 to Dec 12 –
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1 Dec – World AIDS Day
2 Dec – Intl Day for the Abolition of Slavery
3 Dec – Intl Day of Persons with Disabilities


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