TUCP asks GSIS to “come out clean” on cause of delay

Published by rudy Date posted on September 17, 2003

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today called on the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to publicly declare the cause of its failure to grant salary and other loans to members amidst growing concerns of government employees over its failure to grant such loans.

The TUCP said that GSIS should immediately report to its publics the real reasons behind the delay in the processing of members to allay the fears of its members. The TUCP added that it is also imperative GSIS inform that public what steps the leadership are taking to address the delay.

“The uncertainty over the delay in processing of membership loans is resulting to
a lot of anxiety among government workers. As it is they are getting mixed signals from the GSIS. First the GSIS tossed the blame on other government agencies that fail to remit members premiums, now it is due to a computer glitch, among other things”.

The leadership of GSIS should understand that people are becoming restless because what is at stake here are pension funds owned by government workers and unless they get a sufficient explanation and guarantees that their money is protected, restlessness will continue. This will also prevent interest groups from taking advantage of the issue. There are groups out there who are out to juice every ounce of political gain they can juice out of this issue”, TUCP said.

The TUCP also cautioned government employees from taking drastic actions against the pension fund. What is important is that we ensure that the funds of GSIS are in tact and that it will be able to fund the needs of public servants and its sustained viability. This issue can be resolved through dialogue, TUCP stressed.

The TUCP also said that it would help facilitate constructive dialogue between GSIS and TUCP-affiliated public sector organizations. This will help address the concerns of the workers, said the TUCP.

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