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19 Aug 2021 – NTUC Phl holds it Joint Women and Youth Assemblies on the occasion of its 3rd Anniversary on 18 August 2021, via Zoom online. President Rodolfo M. Capoquian, in his message and report, cited growing tiredness, but firm determination, with 18 months ng community quarantine. He cited reports of suicides, mental unwellness, deeper poverty and increasing misery. He expressed apprehension that economic recovery might not include workers and their families, with deeper inequality worsened by the pandemic.
25 June 2021 – NTUC Phl members say difficulties spawned by COVID-19 and inadequate responses by government and employers have led to large reversals in gains from decades of struggle for decent work and against inequality and require proactive national, federation, local union interventions and programs.

  The two batches of webinars on Employment Security Labor Relations with the theme “Human-Centred Future of Work and Work Relations in the Time of the Pandemic”  were conducted with the support of Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF) in four hours in four afternoons Zoomed from Quezon City on 14-17 and 21-24 June 2021 Connecting…

1 May 2021 – It was an early celebration of Labor Day for NTUC Phl affiliates gathered for the joint activities for Labor Day and the International Workers Memorial Day, also known as te International Day of Mourning for dead and injured workers and the World Safety and Health Day.

ITUC AP General Secretary Shoya Yoshida stressed a new social contract for inclusive and income-led growth free from tyranny and inequaity for a principled recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. NTUC PHL President Rodolfo M. Capoquian, in his remarks, led solidarity calls (1) for workers killed and injured in workplace accidents, as well as departed trade…

15 Dec 2020 – NTUC Phl holds 14 Dec online tripartite discussions on ratification of ILO Convention 190 on violence and harassment in the world of work

The resource persons from ILO, BWSC/DOLE, PMAP (from recording) and NTUC Phl made presentations on the hughlights of ILO Convention 190, and the accompanying Recommendation 206, the implications on enterprises, what employers are doing to ‘continuously ensure safe and gender-responsive work environment’, what trade unions have been doing on gender-based violence (GBV) and violence and…

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35% of women – 818 million women globally – over the age of 15 have experienced sexual or physical violence at home, in their communities or in the workplace. (Source: World Health Organisation)

Report corrupt and inefficient government employees and text details to 0908-881-6565 or email to contactcenterngbayan@gov.ph.

June 5 – World environment day
June 22  – Global Day of Action
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