Cavite explosion under investigation

Published by rudy Date posted on January 31, 2009

TRECE MARTIRES, Cavite: The Civil Security Group (CSG) of the Philippine National Police on Friday said they need first to evaluate the result of the investigation to determine if Star Maker Fireworks license would be revoked after the factory explosion that claimed eight lives and injuring 55 others in Trece Mar-tires, Cavite.

Chief Supt. Ireneo Bacolod, chief of the CSG said their function is just administrative and the local police of Trece Martires would be the ones who would handle the investigation.

“We are doing a parallel investigation but our decision whether to revoke the license or not would be based mostly on the result of the investigation of the local police,” Bacolod told Crame reporters in an ambush interview.

He said police investigators would zero in on the possible lapses of the Star Maker management why the incident happened despite warnings and precautions.

Bacolod claimed that Star maker is one of the biggest firecracker manufacturers in the country and most of their clients are mall owners who used to haul a big bulk of firecrackers.

“They have renewed their license only last October of 2008 and their permit to operate is up to January of 2010. They pass all the requirements including clearance from local courts that is why they were issued the license to operate,” Bacolod stressed.

Asked by reporters why the CSG did not suspend the Star Maker after the incident, he said, the suspension is automatic after the incident and it is obvious that the firecracker factory cannot operate because their place of work is already ground zero.

Bacolod further said that the management of Star Maker already shows willingness to assists the victims of the blast which was felt up to three kilometers radius.

In a statement on Thursday, thee fireworks company expressed its deepest sympathies for the victims and their families in this unfortunate accident.

“Right now, Starmaker is doing its best to extend assistance to those who are in need and our company is also vigorously cooperating with local officials of Trece Martires, Cavite to further provide medical help to all affected people,” said the statement.

The Civil Security Group chief said they are closely monitoring the importation of gunpowder and other chemicals needed in making pyrotechnics and firecrackers and they would not allow stockpiling.

“We always see to it that we get a copy of their monthly consumption and from there, we based the quantity of their importation to avoid stockpiling,” Bacolod pointed out.

But once the investigators see no lapses on the management side and this is purely accidental, we will resume giving them operating permits as long as they accomplish all requirements needed.

Before they can operate, they need to get clearance from the court as they faced cases like multiple homicides, multiple frustrated homicide and damage to properties.
— Sammy Martin, Manila Times

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