5 Catholic universities’ global research on drug abuse among street children

Published by rudy Date posted on February 8, 2009

IN 2005, a research project “University and Drug Use/Abuse: Local Studies” was launched by the Center for Coordination of Research of the International Federation of Catholic Universities based in Paris.

It involved five Catholic universities: Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand; Atma Jaya University in Jakarta, Indonesia; Stella Maris College in Chennai, India; University of St. Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon; and University of Sto. Tomas (UST) in Manila. UST chose to study drug abuse among street children in an urban setting.

Research techniques used were participant observation, in-depth individual interviews and focus group discussions.

A street child is any girl or boy for whom the street has become a habitual abode and/or source of livelihood and who is inadequately protected, supervised or directed by responsible adults.

A street child, in the study, was defined as one who is between 5 and 17 years old and who spends from six to 14 hours a day on the street.

The study was undertaken by Dean Armando F. de Jesus, Arlen A. Ancheta, Frederick I. Rey, Aguedo Florence A. Jalin Jr. Crescencio M. Doma Jr. and Ma. Carmelita F. Santos of the UST College of Arts and Letters.

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