6 Foods that extend time

Published by rudy Date posted on April 24, 2009

While we can’t turn back time, we can certainly try to extend it. By eating healthy and keeping your nutrition in check, you’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel. Your body will thank you for years, as well. We got the 411 from iVillage diet and nutrition expert, Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom, about which foods to eat to help you age healthily and happily.


Tomatoes. Have you got a bad thing to say about ’em? Ranging from purple to yellow, the juicy fruit that bursts with flavor in your mouth is wonderful not only for its taste but for its health properties as well. The red pigment in tomatoes is called lycopene, another anti-oxidant. Lypocene is more easily absorbed by the body when tomatoes are heated, either during cooking or processing. One tomato contains vitamins C, A and K, potassium, and fiber. A medium-sized tomato may provide almost half of a person’s recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

Acai Berries

We know, there’s been a lot of buzz about this new mysterious berry. What makes it so mysterious? The incredible amount of anti-oxidants it has. While it’s just about breaking through now, the acai (pronounced “AH-sigh-EE”), is a small fruit from South American rainforests. With twice the amount of anti-oxidants as blueberries, the acai berry is a great way to boost your health. It also has a strong anti-aging effect due to the high levels of anthocyanins and antioxidant vitamin content the fruit contains.

White Tea

No, not green tea (though that is another great option). White tea actually has more anti-oxidants than green tea, even though it comes from the same plant. White tea is produced from an immature plant bud that hasn’t dried at all, while green tea is produced from leaves that are very dried out. White tea is also steamed, as opposed to steeped. Try drinking about three or four cups of white or green tea daily.


You’ll look younger by pulling out some secret anti-aging properties off your spice rack. Spices like cinnamon have a hefty amount of health benefits for such a tiny grain. Cinnamon alone can decrease blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol, as well as imrpove your bowel movements due to its fiber content. Tumeric helps arthritis sufferers, and paprika and cayenne pepper can help fight high blood pressure and improve circulation. The list goes on. So shake, shake, shake some spices onto your next meal.


Fish in general is important for you health. If you’re looking to drop some years, salmon is the way to go. It’s filled with anti-oxidents and omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure it’s wild salmon however, because farm-raised doesn’t have nearly as many benefits as wild. With all of the recent concerns about mercury poisening, overfishing, and global sustainability, a good way to avoid this mess is going directly to the source. Spirolina algae—guzzle ’em down.

Olive Oil

News flash: Olive oil is not used for only frying. It is actually one of the healthiest substances in the world. Nutrtionists recommend that you have at least one or two tablespoons of olive oil per day. Include it in a salad, or use it to sautee vegetables. It is vital to your anti-aging diet because of its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidative substances. Olive oil also protects against heart disease. So do yourself some good and love your heart and your body. –Eating, Drinking, and Living
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