Grieving for lost love (Part 3 of 4 parts)

Published by rudy Date posted on April 1, 2009

Every separation creates a wound and unhealed wounds cause infections. Emotional infections are dangerous to your wellbeing.

I know a woman who was madly in love with her knight in shinning armor. She was absolutely happy and living on cloud nine. Her heart was overflowing with love and all around her felt the warmth of her love.

She had high expectations and felt like there was no way that her love would not last a lifetime. She was the happiest woman in the world. She felt she could bear any pain, handle any setback and survive any adversity with the man she loved so deeply by her side.

Then, suddenly, he grew cold. She could not understand why. She searched into the recesses of her heart for the causes but could find none. As he drifted farther apart, she desperately reached out to him, but he would not take her hand. He clearly wanted the relationship to end, but he never said so. He merely moved away quietly until he disappeared from her life.

She was crushed. What made matters worse was that she could not comprehend what had happened and why it had happened. The end came so quickly and she could not understand why. There was no other woman involved. At least none that she knew about.

She kept asking herself what was going on in his head, but could not come up with any credible answers. In short, she was hurting, but could not comprehend why.

That is the feeling of most of those heart-broken people who come to me for healing. They don’t know what hit them and that adds to the hurt they are experiencing.

It is of utmost importance that healing takes place. Otherwise, the infected wounds will be carried into future relationships and could possibly infect subsequent attempts at love.

I have seen many cases of former love relationships destroying present partnerships. Like the woman who still holds anger and suspicion of all men in her heart because of having been betrayed by a former lover. She becomes jealous and possessive and her new lover cannot understand where she is coming from.

This is why it is so important to clean up the past before plunging into new relationships. Remember that you will carry your past into your future relationships. Unhealed wounds that continue to fester will spill over into your attempts to love again.

More tomorrow.


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