Why is the Philippines the heart of Asia?

Published by rudy Date posted on May 31, 2009

A handy travel guide for seekers of health and wellness
Filipino medical and spa professionals are renowned the world over for their competence, knowledge and skill and uniquely, the level of compassionate care they extend to patients and clients.

Now, a handy, easy-to-use travel guide to fully experience the Heart of Asia and the health and wellness it brings is available. Those seeking health and wellness now have the basic information they need to avail themselves of world-class Filipino medical and wellness services by getting a copy of “Philippines: The Heart of Asia” (Health and Wellness Travel Guide and Directory).

The slim, full-color, attractively designed booklet contains basic information—including maps and directory information—and practical advice useful to international and local travelers on a health and wellness journey, and even for visitors who simply wish to have the option to go the most suitable places for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the directory containing information on the country’s best hospitals will be useful to travelers going from urban centers to various islands throughout the Philippines.

It’s also a handy guide emergencies: in case you or your companion would need quick medical assistance. “Philippines: The Heart of Asia” is a must for all who are traveling to the Philippines.

The booklet also offers revealing insights and interesting trivia about the Philippines—its culture, history, its world-class hospitals and clinics, and the centuries-old tradition for wellness and healing that all Filipinos are steeped in.

Co-published by the Department of Tourism with HIM Communications, “Philippines: The Heart of Asia” is the official travel guide for medical and wellness tourism, supported by the Department of Health, PPP Task Force for Globally Competitive Service Industries, Department of Foreign Affairs, and Department of Trade and Industry. It is now distributed worldwide for offshore patients who are seeking complete healing and total wellness to come to the Philippines.

Limited copies are available for FREE through the Office for Sports and Wellness Tourism, Department of Tourism, T.M. Kalaw corner Taft Avenue or through HIM Communications at Unit 2003, Strata 100 Building, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City with telephone nos. 468-9999, 910-8030 or e-mail info@himcommunications.com –Manila Times

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