Islamic schools in Muslim Mindanao strengthened

Published by rudy Date posted on September 15, 2009

COTABATO CITY: Educators in the Muslim Autonomous Region have agreed that to contribute to the attainment of lasting peace as well as economic development in the restive region of Muslim Mindanao is to strengthen the Islamic schools known as “madaris,” according to education official of the region on Monday.

Moharrim Mohammad, director of the Bureau Madaris Education at the De­partment of Education in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Minda­nao (DepEd-ARMM), said that the support extended by the national government and Australian-funded Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM) to madrasah education “will not only enhance the quality of education for Muslim students but will further strengthen peace and development in the region.”

At least 25 madaris were awarded last week with their permit to operate (PTO) and 28 other madaris spread out in the five provinces of ARMM that include the Arabic language and Islamic teachings in its curriculum were also granted with certificate of recognition.

Mohammad said there are three madaris which implement the so-called Standard Madrasah Curriculum (SMC) that have complete elementary, secondary, and tertiary education were conferred with their respective certificate of recognitions.

Ramon Bobier, acting Australian project director for BEAM who witnessed the simple ceremony, said, “Establishing madrasah that implements SMC made Muslim education unique from the rest. We have always been helpful to all Madaris efforts. We are glad that we had helped in realizing an Islamic education that is authentic and proper for Bangsamoro people.”

As this developed, Sheikh Mo­hammad Faried Adas, undersecretary for Madaris Education at the DepEd-ARMM, said that the standard madrasah curriculum is distinct from the lessons taught in the existing Islamic schools curriculum.

Adas explained that the distinction lies on the fact that under the standard madrasah curriculum, the basic subjects are incorporated with the religious subjects.

These basic subjects such as English, Filipino, Mathematics, Science and Makabayan are integrated with the Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (ISAL) such as Qur’an, Aqee­dah and Fiqh (Jurisprudence), and Seerah and Hadith, said Adas.

Meanwhile, Regional Gov. Datu Zaldy Uy Ampatuan lauds BEAM and the Madaris education department in their adherence to the task of educating every Muslim student both in Islamic and secular way. –Julmunir I. Jannaral, Manila Times

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