Unions’ e-campaign to ban asbestos goes to Facebook

Published by rudy Date posted on April 14, 2010

Manila, Philippines – The Associated Labor Unions (ALU), Building and Woodworkers International (BWI) and Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) brought their e-campaign to ban asbestos in the Philippines to social networking site Facebook.

“Facebook has become the number one social networking site to connect with family, friends and like-minded people. Facebook helps find people you haven’t seen for some time,” said ALU Vice President Gerard Seno. “One’s network of friends at Facebook is a new way of reaching supporters of asbestos ban,” Seno added.

“With some 10 million users in the Philippines, Facebook will help bring asbestos into the awareness of Filipinos. Filipino Facebook users will then be asked to participate in the campaign to ban asbestos in the Philippines targeting legislators,” said Rafael Mapalo, TUCP Education Director.

“The use of such innovative tool will promote health and safety in the workplace by banning asbestos and extend the campaign outside of the Philippines,” expressed Apolinar Tolentino of BWI’s Asia Pacific Regional Office.

Called fan page at Facebook, the ban asbestos campaign can be found at http://tinyurl.com/BanAsbestos-Facebook. The page shows “fans” how to invite their friends to become fans of the page.

ALU, BWI and TUCP expect individual efforts to snowball until the fan base is large enough to get the attention of legislators in the Philippines and pass a law banning asbestos. – DMT

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