Barangays shortchanged on revenue share – Pimentel

Published by rudy Date posted on October 31, 2010

BARANGAYS are not getting their rightful share of internal revenue collections with the wrong implementation of the Local Government Code, former Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr.

said Friday.Pimentel, author of the code, said that barangays are being short-changed because their share is coursed through the provincial government or through the local government.

“This is a widespread malpractice. The share of barangays should go directly to them as mandated by law,” he said.

He noted that many barangay chairmen have to make an appeal to their mayors for the release of what is due them.

“When the share is coursed through the mayors, it could even be reduced. The release is also delayed,” he said.

He explained that of the internal revenue collections, 60 percent stays with the central government and the 40 percent, with local governments. Of the 40 percent, 23 percent goes to the provinces, 23 percent to cities, 34 percent, to municipalities, and 20 percent, to the barangays.

“Based on the General Appropriations Act, the barangays’ share will reach P50 billion, to be divided among 42,000 barangays nationwide,” Pimentel estimated.

He expressed fears that with the current “general malpractice,” the barangays might not get the entire P50 billion.

“Each barangay should open an account at the Department of Budget and Management so their shares can be directly accredited to their account and would no longer pass through the governor or mayor,” he urged.

He said that the code has provided safeguards to make sure that the funds are not misused by the barangays. He pointed out that the barangay treasurer is required to post the amount received within 10 days from receipt, and then post how the share was spent.

Pimentel has established the Pimentel Center for Local Governance to make barangay officials more aware of their powers and privileges, as well as their responsibilities. –EFREN L. DANAO SENIOR REPORTER, Manila Times

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