TUCP supplementary statement on the P75 across-the-board wage petition

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TUCP supplementary statement on the P75 across-the-board wage petition
(in response to President Aquino’s statement that when inflation reaches 5%, current wages will be reviewed)

The TUCP is happy that the President of the Philippines has seen the need to increase wages given the rise in prices of petroleum and basic commodities.

It took the President to appreciate that five percent inflation means P20 daily taken away from minimum wage earners. That’s equivalent to one way fare for a worker.  But he cannot go home; kulang na pamasahe. Five percent inflation also means loss of a half kilo of rice every day.

All these years, we have been saying that RTWPBs should automatically review minimum wage rates when inflation reaches five percent.

Sana di makalimutan na it’s not enough to restore lost purchasing power.  Dapat adjustments should include some amounts to increase workers’ standard of living of workers.

Hindi shared ang real growth ng economy with workers and their families.  Hindi inclusive ang economic growth.  All those real gains went to other sectors lang.  Parang sila lang ang anak ng Diyos!

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