CHR urges stronger local mainstreaming of GAD

Published by rudy Date posted on April 4, 2011

ILOILO, Apr 4 (PIA) – The Philippines is signatory to several conventions on gender and development (GAD) and women’s rights but mainstreaming this in local government units (LGUs) need to be strengthened.

Commission on Human Rights (CHR)-6 lawyer Jonnie Dabuco, in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency, said that a recent European Union audit revealed that the Philippines has less than one percent compliance of CEDAW.

CEDAW, or the Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, is an international agreement, wherein the Philippines is a part of.

Dabuco said CEDAW has even been enhanced by the Philippine law on Magna Carta of Women (MCW) approved in 2009, yet very few local government units have put into appropriate use its mandated five percent Gender and Development (GAD) fund, especially in the barangay levels.

He said, it has been noted that the fund is not used for gender-centered activities in the barangays but have been used in constructing basketball courts that serve also as “sampayan” with clothes lines for women when washing clothes, as justification for it.

“Still others use the fund for construction of waiting shed, saying women also use them,” Dabuco said.

He said, the CHR, in the Magna Carta of Women, is designated as Gender and Development Ombud, and as such is tasked to monitor and recommend actions for those who violate provisions of the law.

Dabuco said, in support of the national government’s thrust on empowering women, there is a need to deepen consciousness of local officials on their obligations not only to protect and promote women’s rights, but also to fulfill these rights.

These rights can be fulfilled by educating both women and men on these and institutionalizing structures, adopting measures like ordinances and codes, upon consultations with women sector.

Meanwhile, the Regional GEnder and Development Committee of the Regional Development Council, has also noted the weak mainstreaming initiatives of majority of the local governmeent officials as far as women empowerment is concerned, hence, they are drafting resolutions to urge LCEs to act.

Dabuco said the CHR together with the DILG and the Civil Service Commission are undertaking education and information activities to enlighten local officials, and the Human Resource Officers, on the rights of women and the benefits due them under the Magna Carta of Women. (JCM/ESS/PIA-Iloilo)

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