Ecop seeks review of wages fixing

Published by rudy Date posted on May 9, 2011

The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (Ecop) sought a review of the current system of minimum wage-fixing by the tripartite partners — employers, workers and government in a proposal contained in the resolutions adopted by employers during the recently held 32nd National Conference of Employers (NCE 32).

The review of the minimum wage-fixing system should take into account at all times productivity and the capacity of employers for expansion and growth, according to Ecop president Edgardo Lacson.

Lacson noted that employers are also pursuing labor market reforms in light of realities of competition in the world economy and serve as the overarching framework for policy-makers, particularly on making the Labor Code consistent with the requirements of business in a globalized economy and address pressing problems, particularly on employment.

Other recommendations during the recent conference were for the need to strengthen industry and regional tripartite bodies to help develop concrete and actionable reform measures to enhance an inclusive growth that will translate into decent and productive jobs and thus ultimately reduce poverty.

It was also proposed that genuine tripartism to be fully respected and institutionalized to support policies that would be reflective of true sentiment of all stakeholders, where there is consultation with the nationally and internationally recognized voice and representative of Philippine employers in the determination of key policy measures affecting the economy and the labor market.

Moreover, Ecop said the Department of Labor and Employment and the National Labor Relations Commission should institute reforms leading to speedy dispensation of labor justice and focusing on efficiency, transparency and consistency. –Ayen Infante, Daily Tribune

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