Philippines health report reveals new 172 HIV infected cases

Published by rudy Date posted on May 13, 2011

Philippines Health Report Reveals New 172 HIV Infected CasesA report by the Department of Health of 172 confirmed HIV cases in March, resulting in total figure of 483 HIV cases in first quarter of 2011, has sent jitters in Filipino. With the report hitting the corner of the society, a congressional review of the 1998 AIDS Prevention and Control Law has been stressed by LPGMA party-list Rep., Arnel Ty to verify the viability of existing archaic policies to combat the percolating concern of spiraling HIV infection across the world.

On the contrary, a recent report by U. S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has asserted that timely medication of antiretroviral drugs to HIV-positive people can avert the risk of sexual transmission by staggering 96%, raising hope for the HIV stigmatized section of the population, though the World Health Organization is of the view that people having strong immune system need not take HIV drugs lest they will be at the receiving end of possible risk of post-drug infection.

Expressing grave concern over the crippling condition of HIV infection, Ty claimed, “We have to encourage voluntary testing, particularly among high risk groups, since compulsory HIV testing is prohibited by law. Community outreach programs will also allow health authorities to discreetly spot undiagnosed cases, and provide free treatment to sufferers. –Dinesh Chandra Gaur,

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