Workers’ Rehab Center reactivated

Published by rudy Date posted on May 9, 2011

THE Department of Labor and Employment, through the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC), has reactivated its Workers’ Rehabilitation Center (WRC), a rehabilitation facility that will cater to workers who have incurred disabilities from work-related accidents.

According to ECC Executive Director Evelyn Tablang, the WRC shall provide services essential to the rehabilitation program, facilitating the workers’ full integration into the workforce.

“These services shall be of such quality and so applied that they
constitute an effective program which achieves the rehabilitation objectives for Occupationally Disabled Workers [ODWs],” Tablang said, adding that the well-being of injured workers and their return to productive employment is the ECC’s guiding principle for the reactivation.

“The center’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of workers with disabilities. This will be accomplished through the provision of rehabilitation services to arrest the deterioration of function,” she said.

The ECC chief said the WRC has been designed and organized to provide a wide range of care for ODWs requiring interdisciplinary rehabilitation, medical care and coordination of the emotional care and cognitive aspects.

“In essence, the reactivation of the WRC will enhance the Commission’s existing rehabilitation structure towards a more responsive and sound rehabilitation mechanism for ODWs and is a step towards strengthening the rehabilitation component of the Employees Compensation Program,” Tablang said.

She said it was also a response to the Aquino Administration’s thrust of uplifting the plight of our workers, especially those who are disabled as a result of work-related contingencies.

The Labor and Employment department, through the ECC, extends social protection to workers by ensuring that workers enjoy working conditions that are safe as possible, respecting human dignity, and allowing adequate compensation as a result of work-related contingencies by providing access to adequate social and medical services. –ROMMEL C. LONTAYAO, Manila Times

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