‘DOLE keeps erring med-arbiter’

Published by rudy Date posted on July 11, 2013

This med-arbiter in Luzon is infamous for his shenanigans. He delays hearings, keeps decisions waiting. This time he overdid himself. He dismissed a petition for CE (certification election) to choose the exclusive collective bargaining agent in an electronics company on the pretext that the union did not submit one of the required documents.

Well, the fact is the rules require that the supposed lacking document be submitted five days before (!!) the CE, NOT as a requirement for a petition for CE. The med-arbiter made other errors in his decision. Perhaps to reinforce his crooked decision? The nerve!

The union will take proper steps against the decision, and will win. But the CE has been delayed. Just what the employer wants, time to bust the union.

DOLE, you don’t even monitor performance of your labor (in)justice officials. Gising!!!

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