Who’s the management mole in the DOLE?

Published by rudy Date posted on August 16, 2013

For years, unions have complained to the DOLE that employers get the names of officers and members in new unions quickly, allowing unscrupulous employers to bust unions. DOLE has not moved a (dirty) finger to do anything about this.

Well, here’s the quickest case of union filing and management action on record.

Workers in this Australian-owned company in Central Luzon, supplying cement companies, changed its pay scheme, resulting in substantial diminution of pay and benefits.

In early March 2013, the aggrieved supervisors formed a union.

The union documents were submitted to the DOLE field office for registration, together with the petition for certification election, two days later.

Miracle of miracles, on the same day, the management declared all supervisory positions redundant! Three supervisors were promoted to managers, although they continue to act as supervisors!

That’s DOLE (and management) efficiency for you.

If only DOLE could move this quickly in labor cases …

There are several other violations of the law and regulations involved in this case.

… But that’s another story. (… and we will write about it, promise.)

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