Mendoza Illegally Occupies TUCP Headquarters

Published by rudy Date posted on November 27, 2015

430am November 26, 2015. Around 50 alleged armed hooligans, together with TUCP Partylist Rep. Raymond Mendoza and ALU President Michael Mendoza, twin sons of Atty. Democrito Mendoza, 94 years old, forcibly tookover TUCP HQ in Quezon City. The Mendoza group immediately took control of the building, destroying locks of the offices and threatening security guards. They chained, double-chained and padlocked the main gate.

Note that the CA and Supreme Court had declared former Senator Herrera as TUCP president after the resignation of Atty Mendoza effective 1 Nov 2011.

After the unexpected death of former senator Herrera, for DOLE Sec Ruben Torres was elected by the general council, following the provisions of the TUCP.

The General Council also agreed to call for a special national convention on 13 March 2015 to select new set of officers. This is compliance with the CA and SC decisions and the BLR-DOLE Writ of Execution.

These efforts are to rebuild the TUCP, bring unity among its members, and improve services to workers.

TUCP President Torres said: “This is not the first time that the Mendoza group forcibly and illegally took over the TUCP HQ. It appears like they are establishing TUCP, a Mendoza kingdom.”

“What’s worst, for not doing anything to avert untoward  incidents, some people in authority seem to agree with them,” Torres added.

“We will continue to serve and work with the 26 national labor federations who believe in the TUCP Constitution. Not in the perpetuation of dynasty and subservience to the arrogance of one family-controlled organization, says TUCP General Secretary Rodolfo Capoquian.

“We thank the ITUC, the ITUC AP, the ILO-ACTRAV, the Asean Trade Union Council, and our social partners for supporting the legal and legitimate TUCP and for their unstinting support for progressive trade unionism,” says TUCP President Torres

“We will allow the Courts to decide on the case,” says Torres added.

TUCP assured its members of sustained services and support for decent work and equitable development for all.

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