Speedtest: PHL broadband, mobile speeds still at the bottom

Published by rudy Date posted on August 16, 2017

By RIE TAKUMI,GMA News, Aug 16, 2017

The Philippines is among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries with the slowest broadband and mobile internet connections and is near the bottom of the ranks around the world.

According to Speedtest’s Global Index report, the Philippines’ broadband internet is ranked 94 while its mobile internet is ranked 100.

The Philippines improved upon its previous rank of 95 as its download and upload speed increased from 11.66 Mbps/9.47 Mbps in June to 12.43 Mbps and 10.37 Mbps in July.

In terms of mobile, the country remains at 100 as its 10.29 Mbps download and 5.29 Mbps upload rates in July barely improved from its 10.32 Mbps download and 5.17 Mbps upload rates in June.

Compared to other ASEAN countries, the Philippines remains at the bottom four in the region:

1) Singapore – 154.38 Mbps
36) Thailand – 35.94 Mbps
63) Malaysia – 19.82 Mbps
87) Brunei – 13.91 Mbps
89) Indonesia – 13.30 Mbps
94) Philippines – 12.43 Mbps
107) Cambodia – 9.21 Mbps
109) Laos – 8.63 Mbps
118) Myanmar – 7.11 Mbps

The Philippines narrowly missed out having the slowest mobile download speed among ASEAN countries as narrowly avoided taking the spot from Laos:

4) Singapore – 45.99 Mbps
75) Malaysia – 15.08 Mbps
82) Thailand – 13.95 Mbps
89) Brunei – 12.31 Mbps
92) Cambodia – 11.92 Mbps
95) Myanmar – 10.88 Mbps
99) Indonesia – 10.32 Mbps
100) Philippines – 10.29 Mbps
104) Laos – 9.31 Mbps

The Philippines has shown little growth since a study in 2014 placed it in the bottom five in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and the 101st in the world in terms of average internet speed.

Despite glacial speeds and a countrywide struggle to adapt LTE/4G services, a global study has revealed that Filipino users spend the most time connected to the internet and social media on a daily basis.

The Speedtest Global Index culls internet speed data from “hundreds of millions of tests” taken by real-time users on their website every month with over 6,000 servers in more than 190 countries.

Countries must have more than 3,333 unique user test results for fixed broadband and more than 670 unique user test results for mobile every month to be included in the Index. —JST, GMA News

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