MMDA vows to push for hazard pay, benefits of traffic enforcers

Published by rudy Date posted on June 15, 2019

by Consuelo Marquez, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jun 15, 2019

MANILA, Philippines — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has vowed to push for the granting of hazard pay and more benefits for the agency’s traffic enforcers.

In a statement on Saturday, MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim said they would ask President Rodrigo Duterte to give hazard pay for traffic enforcers.

“We shall write a letter to the President to revive the granting of hazard pay. Let’s hope we be given the chance,” Lim said.

MMDA cited a study of a team led by Emmanuel Baja of the National Institute for Health in the University of the Philippines revealing that traffic enforcers on Edsa faced health issues such as high blood pressure and respiratory woes due to exposure to black carbon and heavy metals.

Recently, a research team led by Emmanuel Baja of the National Institute for Health-University of the Philippines revealed in its study that traffic enforcers on Edsa also face health risks such as decrease in lung function due to exposure to black carbon.

In 2017, the MMDA lobbied for the passafe of a bill that would impose wage hike and hazard pay for traffic enforcers.

Currently, only regular employees are entitled to benefits including medicine and insurance support. However, most of the traffic enforcers are casual and job-order employees.

Lim also reminded traffic enforcers not to allow themselves to conduct corrupt practices and other illegal activities in the agency.

“Since I took over, we have dismissed a lot because of illegal activities that still happen,” Lim said.

The MMDA chairman also said “low salary is not an excuse” for traffic enforcers to engage in corrupt acts. (Editor: Jonathan P. Vicente)

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