Workers feel burnout in new normal setup – survey

Published by rudy Date posted on April 25, 2021

(The Philippine Star), 25 Apr 2021

MANILA, Philippines — Businesses implementing hybrid work arrangements under the new normal may need to re-examine this option as employees feel overworked in these setups, a corporate survey showed.

In a survey by software giant Microsoft Corp., 84 percent of workers in the country said they want flexible work options to be retained in the pandemic aftermath, although 78 percent of them long for personal interaction with their colleagues.

On the other hand, 71 percent of business executives intend to redesign their office spaces to accommodate hybrid work in recognition of changes in workplace dynamics.

However, the productivity attained in the pandemic is hiding the burnout endured by employees. According to the study, at least three in every five workers in the Philippines feel overworked, as roughly a third of them feel exhausted.

Worse, most employees belonging to the Generation Z–aged between 18 and 25–entered the labor force in a challenging time. The Microsoft report argued they need to be motivated by their employers, as 70 percent of them in the Philippines struggle to cope with work.

Microsoft also said executives are disconnected with the hardships of their workers, including in the country, where at least one in every five leaders say things are doing just fine.

“Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake-up call, (as) research shows that 23 percent of leaders in Philippines say they are thriving right now,” the study read.

Further, firms can no longer deny that a return to physical work is needed, as more than half of workers here improve their productivity when collaborating in person with their colleagues.

As hybrid work is here to stay, 52 percent of employees plan to move to their desired residence this year, as they can now complete their tasks without having to leave the house. Two in every five workers are also studying their career options and may leave their employers in 2021.

Microsoft Philippines country general manager Andres Ortola said employers must rethink their approach to work in the new normal. He warned the adjustments they make in the pandemic wouldf affect their capacity to acquire and keep talent in the long run.

“These decisions will impact everything from how you shape culture, how you attract and retain talent, to how you can better foster collaboration and innovation,” Ortola said.

Microsoft’s report, titled “The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work–Are We Ready?,” gathered the insights of over 30,000 individuals in 31 countries, including the Philippines, and looked into productivity data generated across Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn.

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