12 Apr 2022 – Top 40 call centers in the Philippines

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Top 40 call centers in the Philippines

Top 40 call centers in the Philippines

The business process outsourcing industry in the country continues to grow in the post-pandemic world. Hitting a US$26.7 billion growth in 2020, BPOs, especially call centers, quickly adapted to remote working to serve their clients better.

As the world slowly opens up again, call centers are expected to remain a major contributor to the Philippine and global economy. For this, the industry projects a US$29 billion revenue and more jobs to generate by 2022.

The country’s business process outsourcing industry is what it is today thanks to call centers. They laid out the foundations of the industry and paved the way to being able to offer more services to global clients.

As a global business, you would need help in navigating the roundabouts of call center outsourcing whenever you need it. For this, we listed the top 40 call centers in the Philippines to help you.

Top 40 call centers in the Philippines

  1. Concentrix
  2. VXI Global
  3. Teleperformance
  4. TeleTech
  5. Sutherland Global Services
  6. Sitel
  7. Telus 
  8. SixEleven
  9. TaskUs
  10. IBM Solutions Delivery
  11. Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)
  12. IBEX Global
  13. Transcom Asia
  14. Alorica
  15. 24/7 Customer
  16. Genpact Services
  17. Conduent
  18. Accenture
  19. SPi Technologies
  20. Startek
  21. Wipro
  22. Optum
  23. PITON Global
  24. HSBC Electronic Data Processing
  25. Deutsche Knowledge Services
  26. Shell Shared Services
  27. ANZ Global Services and Operations
  28. Manulife Data Services
  29. TDCX
  30. American Express International
  31. Thomson Reuters Corp. 
  32. ACS of the Philippines
  33. Maersk Global Service Centers (Philippines)
  34. JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  35. Stream Global Services
  36. Emerson Electric (Asia)
  37. AIG Shared Services Corp.
  38. ePLDT, Inc.
  39. Personiv
  40. iSupport Worldwide

Call center definition

call center is a part of the broader outsourcing industry, which can also cover business process outsourcing (BPO), shared services, seat leasing firms, as well as home-based outsourcing, and even virtual assistants and freelancers. Call centers can be located onshore (domestic market) or offshore.

The terms for each of the above firms can be used somewhat interchangeably.  Call centers generally refer to the larger business that caters to enterprise clients and processes high-volume, high-repetition tasks, such as customer service, sales, and account management.

There is an association with the call centers that they typically offer the older, more traditional solutions in the outsourcing market and usually work with the bigger multinational enterprises.

Call centers can also encompass shared services operations.  These shared services are purpose-built branded call centers that serve just one parent company — which is typically one of the large multinationals.  Common examples of shared service operations are HSBC (banking), American Express (payments), Shell (petroleum), and Manulife (insurance).

The Philippine call center industry

In 1992, call centers laid the foundations of the business process outsourcing industry that the country is enjoying today. Call center and outsourcing companies’ efforts in contributing to the Philippine economy were even recognized by the World Trade Organization in its 2019 report.

From its beginnings in email response and managing services, call centers expanded their services to all forms of customer service. They, as well, expanded into other industries such as travel, tourism, and banking industries.

Aside from costs and 24/7 service, call center outsourcing in the country flourished due to several other factors.

  • Language compatibility. The Philippines ranks 27th out of 100 countries in terms of English proficiency. Filipino agents have neutral accents when speaking to their customers due to the language being ingrained in them since childhood.
  • Cultural compatibility. The country was once occupied by the US. With this, most of the population heavily adapts to the Western culture, from entertainment, sports, to art.
  • Unique Filipino traits. Filipinos are well-known for being hospitable, courteous, and caring for their customers. They easily adapt this in the workplace with the utmost care they give to them.

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