Violence Against Women

29 Feb 2024 – Palace sacks assistant solgen over sexual harassment

Published by rudy Date posted on March 1, 2024

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12 Dec 2023 – Senate concurs with ILO [C190] ratification

Published by rudy Date posted on December 12, 2023
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Are Philippine cities safe for women?

Published by rudy Date posted on June 16, 2017

By Regine Cabato, Jun 16, 2017 The road to safer cities for women is paved with lapses in laws and a whole lot of misogyny. Illustration by JL JAVIER Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — “Violence begins with language,” women’s rights advocate Senator Risa Hontiveros says at the Safe Cities Metro Manila Mayors Conference. She is…

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Hontiveros bill seeks to expand antisexual harassment law

Published by rudy Date posted on February 14, 2017

By: Maila Ager,, Feb 14, 2017 Annoyed by a person who persistently asks for your name and contact details? Such act, among others, would be penalized if a bill filed by Senator Risa Hontiveros on Tuesday is passed into law.

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30 percent of female doctors have been harassed at work

Published by rudy Date posted on December 12, 2016 You can’t just write a prescription for this. A new report surveying 1,066 successful mid-career doctors of both genders found that sex discrimination knows no professional boundaries: Nearly a third of the female physicians reported having experienced sexual harassment. For men, that number was 4 percent. Meanwhile, 70 percent of the women said they…

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Why can’t we stop sexual harassment at work?

Published by rudy Date posted on November 28, 2016

A generation of compliance training hasn’t fixed the American workplace. Nine women tell their stories. By Claire Suddath, November 28, 2016, Bloomberg Businessweek If you run a company in California, you have to take state-mandated anti-harassment training every two years. This October, Matt MacInnis, founder of a digital distribution business called Inkling, clicked through two…

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Sexual violence might reshape the female brain

Published by rudy Date posted on November 27, 2016

by Daily Dose, November 27, 2016, My independence, natural joy, gentleness and steady lifestyle I had been enjoying became distorted beyond recognition. I became closed off, angry, self-deprecating, tired, irritable, empty.” These chilling words, penned in a letter that a woman known only as “Emily Doe” read aloud in June to her attacker, former…

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How to prepare for our misogynist President

Published by rudy Date posted on November 10, 2016

By Kastalia Medrano, This is what Donald Trump’s win means for women Perhaps because we as a nation spent so much of 2016 preoccupied with silly things, I think many of us were truly shocked by Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton. The opportunity to elect the first woman to lead the free world…

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Phl is no. 10 in the Reuters study of the world’s most dangerous transport systems for women

Published by rudy Date posted on March 17, 2016

Which cities have the most dangerous transport systems for women? “I knew I was in danger from the way the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was walking home, well past midnight – I heard him before I saw him.” So writes Dae Levine, a campaigner for Safe Cities for Women,…

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Don’t blame victims – Commission on Human Rights

Published by rudy Date posted on June 2, 2015

The CHR condemns sexual violence and victim-blaming, after a photo of a young abused woman made rounds online MANILA, Philippines — The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) condemns the acts of sexual violence and victim-blaming committed against a woman whose photo has gone viral on Facebook in late May 2015.

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Violence against women: Sex, power, abuse

Published by rudy Date posted on March 6, 2015

How big of a problem is violence against women in the Philippines? Why should it concern you? MANILA, Philippines – Violence against women (VAW). The Philippines is no stranger to these 3 words. It is real, it is happening, it is claiming lives.

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The economics of violence

Published by rudy Date posted on September 17, 2014

COPENHAGEN – What is the biggest source of violence in our world? With the brutal conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere constantly in the news, many people would probably say war. But that turns out to be spectacularly wrong.

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Rape in the Philippines: Numbers reveal disturbing trend

Published by rudy Date posted on August 27, 2014

It was an early Saturday morning in Mandaluyong, at the corner of a street that bears the name of Noli’s tragic heroine. A 17-year-old girl, naked and crying, tumbled out of a gray sedan; she had been raped.

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Valid classification

Published by rudy Date posted on February 19, 2014

This case is about RA 9262 protecting women and children against violence and abuse. The case involves a husband and father who raised the issue of whether it violates the guaranty of equal protection of the laws considering that it is intended to prevent and criminalize spousal and child abuse which could very well be…

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One in 14 women worldwide sexually assaulted by non-partner —global study

Published by rudy Date posted on February 12, 2014

PARIS – Worldwide, one woman in 14 has been sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner, according to the first global estimate of the problem, published on Wednesday.

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Violence against women is not acceptable and can be prevented

Published by rudy Date posted on November 25, 2013

New York – Every year, at least two million women and girls are trafficked into prostitution, forced slavery, and servitude. Up to 60 percent of women experience some form of physical or sexual abuse during their lifetime.

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Pity the girl-brides

Published by rudy Date posted on June 25, 2013

Every year, an estimated 14 million girls are forcibly married before they turn 18 . . . that’s something like 39,000 girls everyday! That was what girls-not-brides panelists told a 13,000-strong Women Deliver 2013 conference in Kuala Lumpur recently. Pictures on video and publications show girls ages 8 to 13, were looking so unhappy and…

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Published by rudy Date posted on July 13, 2012

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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July 30 – World Day
Against Trafficking in Persons

“One life trafficked, one too many!”


Invoke Article 33 of the ILO constitution
against the military junta in Myanmar
to carry out the 2021 ILO Commission of Inquiry recommendations
against serious violations of Forced Labour and Freedom of Association protocols.


Accept National Unity Government
(NUG) of Myanmar.
Reject Military!

#WearMask #WashHands

Time to support & empower survivors.
Time to spark a global conversation.
Time for #GenerationEquality to #orangetheworld!
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