TUCP challenges employers on strikes and lay-offs

“Amidst these difficult times and renewed calls for self-sacrifice, we are willing to prevail upon our members to refrain from going on strike if, only if, employers on the other hand will commit not to resort to retrenchments and lay-offs” this said the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP).

“In the spirit of national unity, we are prepared to make a commitment that strikes will be used sparingly and only as a last resort. This is our contribution to stability, especially now that the country is amidst a fiscal crises and the responsibility of ensuring stability bears upon everyone”, TUCP said.

“We challenge employers to do the same by committing to preserve existing jobs and observe labor standards”, TUCP added.

The TUCP said the times calls for closer cooperation between labor and management. “What is important today is preservation of jobs. We need to ensure the livelihood of workers and their families that is why we are challenging the employers to make their own sacrifice” added the TUCP.

TUCP expressed apprehension that workers across the country will be affected by massive cost-cutting measures. “Every time the country experience economic difficulties and businesses institute cutbacks, labor costs is always first on the chopping block”, TUCP stressed.

TUCP Vice President Avelino Valerio challenged employers to discuss possible areas of cooperation with workers and their trade unions . “There are many things that we can do together. We can talk about productivity enhancement, we can talk about gain-sharing, we are even prepared to discuss issues of competitiveness and re-engineering provided that our partners show sincerity and willingness to consider proposals of labor”, Valerio said.

“This difficult times calls for drastic measures. Our move to call for mutual sacrifices may raise eyebrows but we need to do this for the workers and the people in general”, Valerio added.

The TUCP expressed willingness in forging agreements with employers groups to ensure cooperation and foster better understanding between the two sectors.

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