TUCP statement on the political crisis: Time to move on

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today urged the nation not to sideline urgent economic problems amidst the political crisis in the country.

The TUCP also challenged political leaders, the church, and the basic sectors, and all democratic institutions to mobilize their constituencies to take on the collective responsibility of leading the country out of the present rut.

The TUCP issued the statement amidst the credit rating downgrade issued simultaneously by global rating agencies Fitch, Standards and Poor’s, and Moody’s.

“The downgrade, coupled by falling stocks and further depreciation of the peso should be enough reasons for us to come-around from this temporary flux and get our acts together and prevent the country from falling in a more severe economic depression”, TUCP said.

The TUCP said that the nation should heed the workers call for unity and discernment and go back to the business of nation-building.

“While we recognize that the issue against the President is far from closure, we have to address equally important issues on unemployment, inflation, poverty, the budget deficit, food security, among many other things. Unless we do that, we will continue in our state of dangerous animation”, TUCP stated.

TUCP, however, remains optimistic that the country can still pick up and make a turn-around.

“A great opportunity is presenting itself. We can show the whole world the maturity of our democratic institutions and our capacity to rise above political challenges by separating politics from fundamental socio-economic issues”, TUCP said.

“If we are able solve the political issue at hand through lawful means and at the same time put our economic program back on track, it will signal the coming out party of the Philippines”, TUCP said.

TUCP lamented that the political stalemate has distracted the National Government from implementing key economic reform measures which may result to dire economic consequences to the people.

TUCP pointed out that local and international investors alike are now overly concerned over the stability of the country and at any time may pull out their much needed investments resulting to retrenchments and lay-offs.

The TUCP also noted the continuing increases in prices of petroleum products and the resulting general increases in prices of services of goods and services that potentially will push more people deeper into poverty.

Now that the position of basic sectors and major players in Philippine society has crystallized and apparently arrived at an obvious stalemate it is time to for all of us to move on with our lives, TUCP reiterated.

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