TUCP: Survey should serve as wake-up call; oil prices biggest worry

The survey results of Pulse Asia that shows more and more Filipinos are pessimistic about their quality of life should be a wake up call for all policy-makers in Government, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today said in a statement.

“The survey shows that more and more Filipinos are worried over the way things are turning out for them, particularly on gut issues. This should send all government officials worrying, not only the President but all policy makers, including Congress,” TUCP said.

The TUCP noted an increase in the number of Filipinos more insecure about day-to-day issues like rising prices of basic goods, having enough to eat on a daily basis, source of income, and sending their children to school.

“This is troubling to say the least. If such condition continues, more people will have no choice but to listen to troublemakers espouse their causes,” TUCP said.

TUCP opined that the biggest issue worrying Filipinos are the continuing increases in the prices of petroleum products and its domino effect on basic goods.

The TUCP also pointed to the perception among workers of inability on the part of Government to protect the public from continuous hikes in the prices of petroleum products as one of the administration’s problems.

“More often than not, the Energy Department (DOE) seem to vacillate at times when the oil companies announce oil price adjustments. At the very least, the DOE should be active is issuing public statements regarding its policies on price hikes and its efforts to prevent unjustified increases,” TUCP said.

“All these increases are all oil price-based and the Congress should already re-think the Oil Deregulation Law,” TUCP added.

“This is the most opportune time to review the implementation of the law that has allowed oil companies to increase their prices at will. Before the companies completely take the daylight out of the lives of the masses, members of Congress should act expeditiously,” TUCP stressed.

The TUCP also called on the Government to address the concern on prices of basic goods. “The Government should strengthen its efforts at delivery of cheap goods, particularly food items and medicines. Aside from enforcing price controls, the President should field the rolling stores again,” TUCP said.

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