TUCP urges candidates to bare campaign platforms

Now that the battle lines are drawn in the run up to the May 10, 2004 elections, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), challenged presidential wannabees and political parties to present to the public their political platforms.

The TUCP stressed that popularity and perceptions of strength among candidates are not enough reasons to win elections. The TUCP contends that the May 2004 elections should usher in a new period for Philippine politics.

“This election should be decided on the basis of issues, on how candidates and political parties propose to solve the ills plaguing the country, how they can make lives better for the Filipinos, and how they intend to govern the country,” TUCP said.

“We want to hear how they plan to solve unemployment, the insurgency, bureaucratic red tape, security problems, health care, equitable distribution of land, housing, educating the young, and how to inspire the citizenry,” TUCP added.

“We in the labor sector urge all candidates to depart from the usual theatrics, the dancing and the singings and the comedy, that tend to entertain the masses instead of presenting cohesive social policies they intend to undertake,” TUCP said.

The TUCP also urged all political camps to include in their national personalities with proven records in caring for the poorer sectors of society. “All we are hearing now are old names, many of whom have associated themselves with entrenched political aristocracies,” TUCP lamented.

“What the country needs are new faces. The parties should make way for young political leaders, those who have good records of serving the country, and those with good educational training,” TUCP said.

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