TUCP urges wage boards to act fast in wake of P2 adjustment in transport fares

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today urged the country’s regional wage boards to fast track the issuance of wage adjustments to rescue workers and their families from the ill-effects of the P2 transport fare adjustment ordered by the Government.

The Land Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) yesterday granted the petition of transport groups for a P2 hike in transport fares.

TUCP said that the P2 fare adjustment will constitute a huge jump in the daily expenses of every working family.

The TUCP said that a worker would cough up an additional P8, at least, in daily fares. TUCP pointed out that on the average a worker takes four rides to and from his residence to his place of work.

In addition, for a family size of six, at least four members take public transport everyday representing an additional P32.

TUCP stressed that wage boards should already impute these factors in their computations.

The TUCP also urged employers, particularly large enterprises to provide workers some form of transport assistance. The TUCP also called on government to cushion government employees from fare hikes by providing shuttle busses or other forms of transport assistance.

Retain “no pass-through” provision on VAT

In another development, the TUCP urged the Congress bi-cameral conference committee hearing the proposed law expanding the coverage of the value-added-tax to retain the no-pass-through provision on electricity and petroleum products.

TUCP said that legislators will commit a big mistake if they will allow power and petroleum companies to pass on the responsibility of paying additional taxes on an overly burdened population.

TUCP stressed the people are already reeling from high prices of services and commodities and can no longer absorb higher electric costs.

“Power companies and oil corporations who are raking in profits from their virtual monopolies are in a better position to shoulder the 10% increase in VAT compared to workers who barely make enough to support a living”, TUCP said.

TUCP is pushing for the exemption of power cooperatives from the coverage of the VAT.

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