15-Year POSITIVE Experience
Participation Oriented Safety Improvements by Trade union InitiatiVE

April 2009

Benefiting from its experience with the WISE (work improvement in small enterprises) programme, the Philippines added its own contents in 1995 and has engaged enthusiastically in activities. Since 2001 the emphasis has been placed on the grooming of trainers, and experts have been dispatched for this purpose. Groups of core trainers and trainers now hold regional and workplace seminars independently. Prompted by the holding of an evaluation meeting, industrial efforts are making progress, and the construction of a database and website utilization are also advancing.

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TUCP/JILAF CSR and POSITIVE Workshops held in the Philippines

February 2009

Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF) held two workshops, “National Workshop on CSR, Productivity and Competitiveness” from February 18 to 20, 2009 and “National POSITIVE Achievement Conference and Development of POSITIVE Industry-Specific Module Workshop” from February 22 to 26, 2009, in cooperation with Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) in Cebu City.

20 union leaders from regional trade unions joined the “National Workshop on CSR, Productivity and Competitiveness” and learned the role of trade unions on CSR practically by having bargaining simulation.

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10 trade union leaders (including 2 from TUCP) attend the JILAF Invitation Program in 2008

January 2008

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Achievement of the POSITIVE (Participation-Oriented Safety Improvement by Trade Union InitiaVE) Activities in the Philippines

November 2005

Abstract: The POSITIVE (Participation-oriented safety improvement by trade union initiative) programme was introduced into the Philippines in 1995. The monitoring of activities was carried out in 2004 among core trainers who had been trained before. The results of the questionnaire survey showed that the core trainers evaluated their activities satisfactory in general, and particularly the training activities were considered excellent. Also, the union workers who had been trained by the POSITIVE programme implemented improvements at the rate of around 5 examples a year on average. It was of note that the installation ratio (the number of installations/that of plans) was higher in small-and-medium sized enterprises than in larger companies, although the numbers of plans and installations of improvements were greater in large enterprises.Together with the previous findings, the present results suggest that the POSITIVE-style participatory training program is effective and efficient for workers to take actions for the OSH in not only larger enterprises but also small enterprises.

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Nine POSITIVE Trainers including from TUCP Visit Japan

September 2004

JILAF invited an Asian occupational health and safety team to visit Japan from September 2-15, 2004, to exchange experiences and share information. The team consisted of nine POSITIVE trainers, including three women, from five (Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines) of the seven Asian countries inplementing POSITIVE programs.

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TUCP POSITIVE Seminar held in Philippines

May 2002

The highly regarded POSITIVE program From July 31 to August 3, in Cebu in the Philippines, a POSITIVE seminar on occupational safety and health was held. POSITIVE is an abbreviation for Participation- Oriented Safety improvements by Trade Union Initiative. This project is intended to remedy safety and health problems from the viewpoint of workers who actually work in the workplaces concerned. As a concrete project, it was created through the cooperation of the Institute for Science of Labour at the request of JILAF. Since the start of POSITIVE in 1994, through cooperation with trade union organizations in the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Mongolia, and Pakistan, specialists have been dispatched from Japan, primarily from the Institute. During this time, the project has earned high regard in each country, becoming a flagship for JILAF’s international support activities. From FY 2002 onward, POSITIVE is also scheduled to start in China.

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