Feng Shui experts optimism in 2009

Published by rudy Date posted on January 26, 2009

A couple of feng shui experts said that overall, they feel optimistic about the Year of the Ox, which starts today, despite the global economic crisis gripping the world and other looming challenges.

Feng shui experts Joseph Chau and Marites Allen recently held separate press conferences in Metro Manila to share with reporters their predictions for 2009.

Chau talked in detail about the fortune of those born in the Year of the Ox. They are hardworking, strong, down to earth, reliable, courageous, quiet, loyal, intelligent, helpful, self-confident, easy going and brilliant in organizing, he said.

They are natural-born leaders who work systematically, but can be a bit of a showoff, he went on, adding that they are responsible when it comes to their family. Ox people also tend to defer to authority, although they can be stubborn and close-minded about new ideas.

Financially, it is not a good year, Chau said, adding that people should avoid high-risk investments and should be cautious in business. Read contracts and other documents carefully before signing, he said.

Also, people should avoid lending money to others, but earning a fortune is possible—if those born in the Year of the Ox act intelligently.

In love, single women should be cautious and not fall into a love trap, Chau said. Married couples should reach a mutual understanding with their partners to avoid quarrels.

Regarding health, people should keep away from sharp objects and observe road safety. Chau warned that Ox people about driving on the highway—not to drive while talking on the mobile phone and to avoid dangerous sports.

He also said young people should moderate their nightlife.

Art of feng shui

According materials provided for the press, Allen explained that feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of manipulating and arranging one’s surroundings by attracting positive life energy, or chi, so that it flows smoothly, unblocking any obstructions in the body and the environment. The art is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Literally meaning “wind and water,” feng shui dates back several thousand years.

“Having the right and balanced energy in the surroundings is what it’s all about,” Allen said.

She predicted that the metal industry including mining, airlines and real estates are excellent business to invest in this year, while the expert predicted that the restaurant business and stocks would be weak.

She said the lucky location for this year is the southeast part —which makes the Philippines very lucky because of its southeastern position in Asia.

Other calling

But Friar Cesar Ma. Talamayan of Holy Francis Chapel in Parañaque City was skeptical.

He said that there’s nothing wrong in feng shui, as long as it’s only used for guidance. But he added that it could be harmful if a person’s life solely revolves around feng shui.

“I can’t dictate what people should believe in. I just want to remind them that the best guidance still comes from God,” the friar said.

But Pastor Eric Pelea of a Christian evangelical group was more adamant in objecting to feng shui.

“As in all matters that pertain to life, we Bible-believing Christians are guided by the only authoritative source of truth, and that is the Bible,” he said. “God’s word clearly says that we should only embrace his truths, lest we fall into believing in alternative forces, which may not be emanating from God.”

The pastor argued that there is no benefit whatsoever in subscribing to unbiblical powers. He added that sometimes, people are lulled into believing that they are actually benefiting—but this initial sense of benefit ultimately results in ruin. –Johanna M. Sampan, Reporter, Manila Times

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