46 labor federations and national unions

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09 July 2013

TUCP GenSec Jun Umali (09178977182)
Manuel Portus (09196191206)

46 labor federations and national unions
call for DOLE Secretary’s resignation

Forty-six (46) national unions and labor federations sought the resignation of DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz for what they claim as violations of trade union rights.

At its meeting on June 07, 2013 at the Manila Yacht Club, the TUCP-ITUC General Council adopted a resolution mandating TUCP President and former Senator Ernesto Herrera and General Secretary Jun Umali to file anti-graft cases against Secretary Baldoz and Undersecretary Rebecca Chato, including BLR-DOLE Officer-in-Charge Romeo Montefalco for violations of the Labor Code and ILO Conventions 87 and 98.

Two cases in violation of Graft and Corrupt Practices Act has been filed against Secretary Baldoz last Friday, July 5, 2013.

Additional two (2) cases are filed with the Ombudsman today on: (a) grave abuse of discretion, wanton and maliciously violating Section 3(e) RA 3019 in relation to Article 246 of the Labor as amended and ILO Convention 87 when Secretary Baldoz and Usec. Chato decided to divide and break up the TUCP by recognizing the existence of two (2) groups, namely: TUCP and TUCP-ITUC, and (b) violation of Section 3(e) of RA 3019 resulting not only in undue injury to the name and reputation of the TUCP but also and more importantly placed the government of the Republic of the Philippines in the bad light and embarrassment.

Two more will be filed in the coming days.

Among the prominent labor leaders who are signatories to the resolutions asking for the resignation of Secretary Baldoz are Former Senator Ernesto Herrera; former NLRC Chairman and now Congressman Roy Señeres; former Congressman and NACUSIP President Zoilo de la Cruz; former Congressman and PFL President Alejandro Villaviza; former Secretary of Labor, Executive Secretary, and BPO Workers Association of the Philippines (BWAP) President Ruben D. Torres; National Union of Bank Employees’ President Mr. Jose Umali; former Labor Representative in Congress Greg el Prado, AMAPAO General Secretary Roberto Flores, NLU President David Diwa, LIKHA President Jesus Villamor, FUR Vice President Arturo Basea, Obrero Pilipino Rodolfo Capoquian, SMP-NATOW General Secretary Milagros Ogalinda, ALLWIE/S President Susanita Tesiorna, and several others.

TUCP President Herrera reminded Sec. Baldoz that she should focus on serious problems of unemployment and underemployment; the need to strengthen the capacity of the department to protect workers from some employers’ rampant violations of labor standards; effective supervision of labor officials, especially those assigned overseas; and adhering to international labor conventions, instead of wasting her time in dividing the trade union movement like catering to personal wishes of some personalities in the labor sector.

Recently, scandals committed by some overseas labor officials, worst than the Flor Contemplacion case, erupted.

“Problems like these could have been prevented has Secretary Baldoz knows the job and priorities. She should be reminded that all affairs happening in the DOLE should start and end at the desk of the Secretary, under the principle of command responsibility,” says Herrera.

Herrera says, “the integrity of the DOLE has gone so low that at this time of crisis, the nation cannot afford.” (-end-)

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