Trabahanap: A platform for jobseekers

Published by NTUCPHL Date posted on March 7, 2020

by Jerry Donato (The Philippine Star), 7 Mar 2020

“(It) is a platform for the masses wherein they can find jobs that will suit their needs,” described CineMo channel head Mark Awiten the public service initiative called Trabahanap during an interview with The STAR. Mark has been spearheading it for the past three years.

“They could find their dream job (or a work) that would (improve) their family’s present status… mabigyan sila ng (oportunidad na magkaroon ng) magandang buhay (it could provide them the opportunity to have a good life),” he said.

As its name suggests, Trabahanap is a job placement announcement service CineMo viewers read at the end credits of every movie they are watching. “Nanood ka na, nagkatrabaho ka pa,” Mark shared. It primarily connects employers to possible employees and makes livelihood or job opportunities available to those who seek them out.

After watching the job postings on CineMo, viewers are expected to visit the website by using their mobile device or desktop and laptop. Once they have reached its home page, viewers need to locate the “Register as applicant” button and click it. Then, they can create their accounts with their e-mail address. follows the local and international standards for data privacy. It has verification process and partners with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Since CineMo is under the ABS-CBN umbrella, the former’s Trabahanap also reflects the latter’s motto, “In the Service of the Filipino.” It also shows that its business of entertainment is anchored on public service. In this case, CineMo values viewers’ loyalty, which is reciprocated by the job placement service. Trabahanap is available online (, on air (CineMo channel and INFOplus of ABS-CBN TV plus) and on-ground (job fairs).

Tapped to be the face of Trabahanap is Jericho Rosales, who also fits the CineMo branding.

“(It was created for) male viewers but don’t you know it also has female viewers?,” shared Mark about the channel. “Apparently, there are female viewers who also like to watch action movies, the local action (flicks), and comedy (movies), di ba yung comedy natin noon ay more on slapstick and (speak of) male humor. The image or branding of CineMo is very masculine, but it captures both male and female (audiences).”

When the CineMo team proposed to Jericho the idea of him being Trabahanap endorser, the actor said yes right away, recalled Mark, and shared that it was something he wanted to do. “It’s part of his advocacy na basta may kinalaman sa masang Pilipino at pagbibigay ng trabaho,” added Mark. The actor’s soft spot for the masa is not surprising, given his humble beginnings and success story.

Speaking of the masa audiences, they usually have a single TV unit at home, said Mark. Thus, watching TV is a form of bonding among family members and sharing information — from news and weather advisories to job openings — is also a norm.

“Dad goes home after work. It’s time (of the day when) he can watch TV,” said Mark. “His (show) preference becomes also the choice of his kids and wife.” He also added that since moms of the said market are oftentimes at home, they have access to information such as job openings and share it to children and husbands, especially those who look for work. Moms also post inquiries regarding job openings that their children and husbands are interested to apply for on CineMo Facebook.

With that, Trabahanap is the avenue that helps employers to easily bookmark applicants and assists jobseekers to look for work near their place.

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