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Published by rudy Date posted on February 3, 2024

April – Monthly Observances:    Month of Planet Earth Weekly Observances: Last week: World Immunization Week Daily Observances: Apr 21 — Civil Service Day Apr 22 – World Earth Day Apr 28 – World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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Published by rudy Date posted on February 11, 2021

February – wishing some rest from more stress Monthly Observances: National Health Insurance Month Weekly Observances Week 2: National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation  

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Published by rudy Date posted on December 24, 2020

January – A new year for sanctity and protection of human life Monthly Observances: National Microinsurance Month Zero Waste Month Weekly Observances: Week 1: Nat’l Time Consciousness Week 2: Clean-Up Week Week 3: National Mental Health Week Last Week: Children’s Week; Courtesy Week Daily Observances: Second Sunday: Unknown Citizens’ Day (honoring unknown patriotic citizens) Third…

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Published by rudy Date posted on December 6, 2020

December – month of overseas Filipinos, human rights and youth in the Philippines. Monthly Observances: Month of Overseas Filipinos Energy Consciousness Month Weekly Observances: Dec 4-10 National Human Rights Consciousness Week Week 1: Family Week National Government Employees’ Week Week 2: Linggo ng Kabataan Daily Observances: First Monday: Parents’ Day Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…

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Published by NTUCPHL Date posted on July 16, 2020

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week. Stay safe! Wear mask. Enable our children to grow.

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April – Month of Planet Earth

“Full speed to renewables!”


Solidarity with CTU Myanmar,
trade unions around the world,
for democracy in Myanmar,
with the daily protests of
people in Myanmar against
the military coup and
continuing oppression.


Accept National Unity Government
(NUG) of Myanmar.
Reject Military!

#WearMask #WashHands

Time to support & empower survivors.
Time to spark a global conversation.
Time for #GenerationEquality to #orangetheworld!
Trade Union Solidarity Campaigns
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