New Guinness record for RP: Most killings in 2004

Published by rudy Date posted on January 25, 2009

The Philippines has made it to this year’s “Guinness Book of World Records” for having the most number of recorded murders based on United Nations data in 2004, an election year.

Sen. Richard Gordon revealed yesterday the country’s inclusion in the widely published records list and expressed concern that it might further tarnish the country’s image.

Elections in the country are usually characterized by political violence, although there had been relatively few poll-related killings in 2004, at least based on official estimates.

“We should shudder at this world record because it shows that the best legacy our generation will leave behind is our reputation for succeeding at killing people rather than making our country safe,” Gordon said in a statement.

The Guinness record was based on 2004 United Nations data that placed recorded killings in the country at 3,515.

“Our country has a penchant for setting world records on almost anything under the sun, but this record of having the most murder cases recorded tells something really serious about our country’s public and order situation,” he said.

“We have heard of studies branding our nation as one of the most corrupt countries, or one of the most dangerous places for journalists, and now we have this record of being number one in murders,” he said.

“There is nothing wrong with setting world records (but) the country should focus on more important things, such as erasing the record of having the most number of murders in the whole world,” he said.

The country’s recent world records include the largest sticker wrap, longest pastillas, largest number of people brushing teeth, longest beer bar, longest barbecue and longest longganiza.

Gordon said the country’s other world records symbolize unity, cooperation, creativity and diligence among Filipinos, but these could easily get tarnished by the recent record on murders.

Gordon, whose father was assassinated, has been very vocal against work-related or political murders, especially those of journalists, judges and public officials. – Aurea Calica, Philippine Star

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