BI chief revokes visa of New Zealander for abusing workers

Published by rudy Date posted on February 9, 2009

Fifty-three Cebuano employees breathed a collective sigh of relief as Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan recently revoked the visa of their employer, a New Zealander, for his anti-labor practices and illegal activities.

“While we want more foreign investors to bring jobs to our country, especially during this global recession, we remain vigilant against those who abuse Filipino workers and violate labor laws,” Libanan said in a statement issued yesterday.

The irked employees of DSFGRC Manufacturing Inc. filed a complaint against their New Zealander factory manager David Ross Mune for his “anti-labor, anti-Filipino actions, immoral and illegal activities.”

The complainants said Mune violated Philippine labor laws for authorizing payment of salaries that are below minimum wage in Cebu.

Moreover, the employees didn’t have Social Security System and PhilHealth membership while the New Zealander was still managing the factory.

To add to the list of cases filed against him, the respondent was charged for allegedly operating without the necessary licenses and permits from the government and for having an adulterous affair with a DSFGRC top official.

While Mune claimed the allegations were all malicious fabrication and lies, DSFGRC corporate secretary Atty. Alfredo Duran proved, through a counter-affidavit, the New Zealander was indeed guilty of the charges.

As a result, the Section 13 visa previously granted to Mune was cancelled. He is also expected to leave the country within the following two weeks.

“Let this be a statement to foreign investors that, while we welcome them in bringing their business in the country, the welfare of our Filipino workers is still our primary concern,” Libanan said. –Conrado Ching, Daily Tribune

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