That all-important job interview

Published by rudy Date posted on March 16, 2009

MANILA, Philippines – With the end of the school year, Cora Villanueva, human resources director of Shakey’s, is gearing up for the influx of job applications from recent graduates who will apply for vacant positions at Shakey’s, considered one of the country’s preferred employers.

An interview with Villanueva regarding this matter revealed what types of applicants she would recommend be hired by Shakey’s. She shared that as a general rule, Shakey’s hires people who embody the 4 E’s. At Shakey’s, the four E’s represent:

• Energy — applicants must be active and passionate in the way they move and speak. One must not only say yes or no, when she asks questions. They must be able to express themselves well, in English or Filipino.

• Energize others — applicants must influence other people to have the same kind of energy they exhibit.

• Edge — applicants must possess the necessary skills, attitude, experience and other qualifications necessary for the job openings.

• Execute — finally applicants will be rated as to Villanueva’s perception of their ability to put into action programs per company’s plans, etc. or implement whatever they are tasked to do in a timely manner.

Villanueva further said that if applicants are lucky enough to be called for a personal interview, they will do well to do a bit of research about the company before they meet her. This information is out there for public consumption through Shakey’s website. Therefore, they should know a little bit more about the company other than Shakey’s serving the best pizza in the country.

It is a widely-held belief that people can make a judgment about you within 30 seconds or less after meeting you. Villanueva also believes this, so it would be wise if applicants try to make a good impression on that first interview wherein personal appearance is also rated. Here are just some of Villanueva’s basic suggestions:

1. Dress properly for the occasion. It is always best to dress conservatively unless you’re headed for an informal occasion. Women should not put too heavy make-up or try to emulate the latest fashion magazines.

2. Ensure hair is in place and fingernails clean. The latter is especially important for males. Males should also be clean-shaven.

3. Make sure your teeth are brushed, breath fresh and deodorant used, if needed.

4. For both sexes, limit application of colognes and perfumes. This can arouse allergies, giving the interviewer a sneezing bout or a headache. This will not bode well for you.

5. Often neglected but can make a difference — check your shoes so they’re clean, polished, and free of scuff marks. A person’s attention to detail is seen through how he/she cares for shoes.

To sum up in one sentence Villanueva’s guide in hiring, she is looking for passionate people with confidence, an excellent attitude and disposition and a good communicator. These tips from Villanueva, we believe, not only applies to job hunting at Shakey’s but to other companies as well.

So to all job hunters, good luck! We are sure Villanueva’s timely advice will help all of you. – Philippine Star

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