Getting a pet, getting out of debt, and other natural cures

Published by rudy Date posted on April 14, 2009

Of course, we all want to be healthy. But you know you don’t know how. Or you don’t know that you don’t know. You don’t know what we’re talking about, do you? Consumer advocate Kevin Trudeau, who’s built a $2-billion global business empire, calls it unconscious incompetence or conscious incompetence.

In his book on natural cures, a New York Times best-seller, Trudeau asserts that yes, there are natural (non-drug and non-surgical) cures for virtually every disease on the planet. But no, “they” don’t want you to know what these natural cures are. “They” refer to “the drug companies, the government, and a host of other organizations.”

But first, do you want to know why we get sick?

According to Trudeau, it all boils down to one or a combination of four things:

1) There are too many toxins in your body.

2) You have nutritional deficiencies.

3) You are exposed and negatively affected by electromagnetic chaos.

4) You have trapped mental and emotional stress.

Trudeau has a mouthful to say about the toxins that get into our bodies via the food we eat. Did you know that there are over 15,000 toxic chemicals that are allowed to be added to food products without having to be listed on the label?

And did you know you can also ingest toxins through the nose? These are the poisons in the air that we breathe. Trudeau names air fresheners as one of the worst. Now, you know air fresheners don’t really “freshen” the air. I do avoid using air freshener even in my car.

Then there are the toxins that get into your body through the ears. Yes, you heard that right. Every nanosecond of the day, we’re exposed to sounds (vibrations and frequencies) that have an effect on us, physiologically and psychologically. Trudeau lists the sources of “unnatural electromagnetic energy that’s bombarding our bodies every day”: satellites, radar, cell phone towers, cell phones, high tension power lines, electric wiring, computers, televisions and radios, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, and other people.

Other people? Yes, every person emits electromagnetic energy. Trudeau writes, “A person’s thoughts are also electromagnetic energy. The human body, especially the brain, is actually a very powerful transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic energy. This is why you feel good around some people and bad around others …”

And now, here’s a partial list (the more doable ones) of Trudeau’s do’s and don’ts, some of which you may already know:

• Eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Ideally, fruits and vegetables should be organic and uncooked, but cooked non-organic fruits and veggies are better than none at all.

• Get natural sunlight. The bright news is even just 30 minutes a day in the sun affects our health in an incredibly good way. The solar energy from the sun has an alkalizing effect on the body; it reduces depression and strengthens the immune system.

• Take an omega-3 supplement. Lack of omega-3s has been associated with a host of illnesses and diseases including depression.

• Use organic sea salt. Regular table salt is poison. Sea salt is better and can even make you lose between five and 10 pounds in the first 30 days.

If we may add, in life, take everything with a grain of salt.

• Do not eat hydrogenated oil. These trans fats attack the artery walls and cause heart disease. They also attack the internal organs of the body, causing them to function much less efficiently.

• Do not drink diet sodas. The truth is, diet sodas make you gain weight as well as make you depressed. They’re loaded with artificial sweeteners that may give you a lot of medical symptoms. It’s do or diet!

• Do not eat anything that says “fat free” on the label. “Fat free” doesn’t mean healthy. Fat-free products are loaded with unbelievable amounts of sugar and chemicals.

• Don’t eat late. It is best to stop eating at 7 p.m.

• Go to bed at approximately 10 p.m. and wake up at approximately 6 a.m. Doing so, according to the Ayurvedic alternative medicine, allows the body to rest the deepest and rejuvenate the most. Hormones that heal the body are released only between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., and only when the body is in deep sleep.

• Practice deep breathing. Inhale! Exhale! You need to use your lungs. Deep breathing every day stimulates the immune system, increases metabolism, reduces stress, and brings vital oxygen into the body.

• Laugh. You may think it’s funny, but laughing does stimulate the entire immune system. So laugh even if you having nothing to laugh about. Now, that’s belly funny!

• Take a 15-minute afternoon break. Even just a 15-minute relaxation break lets the body decompress, unwind, and rejuvenate.

• Listen to nice music. While some music can suppress the immune system, certain music can dramatically reduce stress.

• Commit reckless acts of kindness. Showing kindness has been shown to stimulate the body’s immune system, giving one a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.

• Plant a garden. Working with our hands in an outdoor environment has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. So, don’t just smell the roses, plant ’em!

• Get a pet. Research shows that caring for a pet adds years to one’s life — and life to one’s years. Pets give unconditional love; being loved and giving love makes for a stronger immune system, less stress, and less disease.

• Get out of debt. When you’re free of financial worries, you’re more likely to be happier and healthier.

• Cook. It’s a healthy mental break when you create something with your hands. For some workaholic people, cooking is therapeutic, a tried-and-tested recipe for de-stressing.

• Find your life purpose. If you’ve read Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Life, you don’t need any explanation from Trudeau.

• Have sex. No excuse needed. –Ching Alano, Philippine Star

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