Medical and wellness center in Amorosa, Subic, serves patients, retirees from Northern Luzon and abroad

Published by rudy Date posted on May 31, 2009

The George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center is a tertiary private hospital located in Amorosa.

Amorosa is a 12-hectare community composed of the George Dewey Medical College, living and recreation spaces for retirees and the general public, and the George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center.

The environment of Amorosa is a preserved rainforest, providing an ambiance of healing and rejuvenation. Amorosa is located in the Subic Freeport Zone, an area of business, entertainment, outdoor activities, schools, hotels and restaurants, and homes.

The George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center sprawls among the gardens of Amorosa, consisting of nine buildings, surrounding the main hospital and separated from it by grasslined driveways. This unique arrangement provides specialized areas for privacy, proper ambiance and infection control.

The main hospital is a single-story structure with access doors to the buildings of specialty, and areas for parking and emergency. Essentially, the building arrangement follows a logical flow for the medical process, general services, privacy and safety.

The Medical and Surgical Services are provided by doctors who are leaders in their fields.

The medical organization follows global standards of healthcare, enhanced by a hospital information system which provides an integrated holistic approach to the individual patient. Excellence in medical and surgical service is supported by latest equipment.

The Nursing and Ancillary Services Teams are specialized, with regular training programs in coordination with the George Dewey Medical College.

The Human Resource Department goes beyond its scope of responsibility to encourage personal growth and develop the core values of the institution. Quality Assurance Programs involve the Medical, Administrative, Finance, Marketing and Business Development groups, encouraging a culture in the community for excellence in health services and continuing education.

The patients of the George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center are residents of Amorosa, the day and night populations of Subic, residents of nearby communities and retirement villages, as well as patients from other countries and the general public. The residents of Amorosa benefit from the assurance of a tertiary hospital on stand by and the wellness programs to enhance their lifestyle.

The George Dewey Medical and Wellness Center is the only tertiary hospital inside the Subic Freeport Zone, with access to the Subic and Clark International airports and the provinces of Northern Luzon. Its vision of excellence in continuing medical education also encourages medical and paramedical specialty training sessions and conferences.

The Phases of Operation allow for the development of specialized centers of diagnosis and treatment, many of which will be firsts in the underserved population of Northern Luzon.

The potential for growth in the medical and wellness services is large, inside and outside of Amorosa. The standard of care, employment opportunity and empowerment of people the business provides is a significant contribution to society.  –Manila Times

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