Salcon workers upset with union heads

Published by rudy Date posted on July 6, 2009

CEBU, Philippines – Concerned members of the Salcon Power Independent Union expressed that they are “increasingly disappointed” with the present activities and directions of their own union leaders.

In a letter furnished to The FREEMAN, the disgruntled members said that both their union president Gaudioso Iso and union secretary Joel Tolentino had been raising impossible demands during negotiations of their collective bargaining agreement.

The letter added that Iso’s group is “coordinating wit leftist groups outside the company and trying to earn the ire of Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia by not lifting the strike as requested.”

“We would like to inform you that in our eyes, these two union leaders have lost the right to lead us,” the letter reads addressed to Cebu media.

The letter further reads that they “don’t really agree with the strike move of the union because Salcon employees are not exactly the kind of oppressed and exploited workers like those in other industries.”

In fact, they claimed that in 2008, Iso was receiving an average salary of P78,241.34 per month while Tolentino was receiving a monthly average salary of P50,216.55.

The disgruntled members added that this is on top of the other benefits such as rice subsidy, medical benefits, optical reimbursement, vacation leave and sick leave received by the said two union leaders.

Iso, on the other hand, denied all the statements made by the “concerned union members”.

“Kadakong binuang, bisan unsa naman lang ilang ipahid sa SPIU. Pasagdi lang, mulutaw ra ang tinuod later on,” Iso said in his text message to The FREEMAN when sought for comment.

Iso added that the letter should not be given importance since it does not have specific names of the so-called concerned union members. As to his alleged monthly salary, Iso said there is no truth on the matter as the said salary is for managerial level.

Earlier, the management described the threat of a strike by the rank and file union as uncalled for and unnecessary because it frightens Cebuanos with long brownouts despite the sincerity shown by management in dealing with its employees.

Among the demands of the union is the “equal work, equal pay” scheme; management cannot help from branding it “ridiculous and unreasonable”. — Mitchelle L. Palaubsanon/MEEV (THE FREEMAN)

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