A tale of two rivals

Published by rudy Date posted on April 25, 2011

1968: Young Muslim recruits to the Philippine Army are killed in the “Jabidah Massacre,” which led to the formation of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

1969: Nur Misuari leads the founding of the MNLF.

1975: The Organization of Islamic Conference recognizes the MNLF.

1976: The MNLF and the Marcos government sign the Tripoli
Agreement with the aid of Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi.

1977: Hashim Salamat defects from the MNLF and forms the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

1986: President Corazon Aquino initiates talks with the MNLF, a move that led to a ceasefire.

1987: The MNLF signs agreement of independence and autonomy with the Aquino administration. The new Constitution provides for the creation of the Organic Act (Republic Act 6734) for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) where Misuari will sit as governor.

1996: The MNLF signs the Final Peace Agreement with the Ramos’ administration.

1997: The MILF signs a general ceasefire agreement with the government.

2000: Joseph Estrada declares an “all-out-war” against the MILF.

2001: Misuari’s term as ARMM governor ends.

2002: The MNLF and MILF sign a peace agreement with the Arroyo administration.

2003: MILF leader Salamat dies.

2007: Misuari gains the title of Datu of Sulu and North Borneo. –NICKKY FAUSTINE P. DE GUZMAN, Special to the Manila Times

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