Psychic sees gloom

Published by rudy Date posted on April 16, 2011

A GLOOMY scenario in politics but good vibes for popular television host Willie Revillame is what a famous psychic sees in the future.

Danny Atienza, who does not use any medium and just relies on his vibes to make predictions, said that he also sees two senators dying this year, with one getting assassinated and the other succumbing to old age.

He said that President Benigno Aquino 3rd needs to make it past 2013 to stay in power but if he fails, Vice President Jejomar Binay will replace him.

Atienza added that Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez will have a hard time defending herself in the impeachment trial before the Senate and will eventually be found guilty.

He also sees more media killings in the next five years.

“All he [President Aquino] needs is to finish 2013 in power and everything will be in order. If not, Vice President Binay is just waiting for his time,” Atienza told reporters during the weekly regular news forum Balitaan sa Hotel Rembrandt.

Atienza claimed that Revillame will survive all the attacks and intrigues against him, and that the public will be on his side.

But the downfall of the popular TV host will be caused by a woman who has an “S” as her initial in her name.

Atienza said that Revillame can avoid his downfall if he toes the line and stops womanizing, which supposedly is the embattled TV host’s weakness.

The popular psychic added that there could be violence because of hunger.

“I also smell blood because of the looming hunger. [President Aquino] needs to address this quickly to stop possible social unrest in the future because of the skyrocketing price of oil in the international market,” he said.

On deaths, Atienza said that a female member of the Aquino Cabinet will die this year, and that the public will ask for the replacement of two members of his official family because the two are making the President unpopular.

On top of those gloomy predictions, the popular psychic added that more people in the Philippines will be infected with herpes and HIV/AIDS in the next five years.

Good track record
Atienza has a good track record in making predictions.

He predicted the death of two senators in 2003, and Senators Renato Cayetano and Blas Ople passed away in that year.

Cayetano died of cancer and Ople succumbed to cardiac arrest while on a flight to the Middle East.

In 2010, Atienza predicted that two members of the Arroyo administration will die, and Budget Secretary Emilia Boncodin and Press Secretary Cerge Remonde passed away in that year.

The popular psychic also predicted in the mid 1990s that then-Vice President Joseph Estrada will be the 13th president of the country but will not finish his term.

Atienza claimed that the bad vibes he feels toward the deteriorating economy of the country can be countered if government acts swiftly to address concerns of the public. –Sammy Martin, Reporter, Manila Times

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