1 in 5 firms violate wage laws

Published by rudy Date posted on May 11, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara said 1 of 5 firms in the country has not been following previous wage orders.

In a press release, the son of Senator Edgardo Angara said 19% of the 35,391 firms visited by labor inspectors last year short-changed the minimum wage of workers.

“This shows that issuing wage orders is just half of the work. The other half is to see to it that the orders are followed. The proof is not in the issuance (of the order) but in its compliance. Wage orders must find their way not into newspapers but inside pay envelopes,” Angara said.

He said more labor inspectors should be fielded to check on the compliance of firms.

Using the one 1 out of 5 scenario, “then there are probably tens of thousands of affected workers,” he said.

He said there are companies who could not afford the adjustments should apply for exemptions.

“There are standards and mechanisms for exemption and if a company thinks it is entitled to some relief then it must apply for one, and the wage board concerned should act on it fast. That is the right way. Self-exemption is not the way to do it,” he said. –abs-cbnNEWS.com

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