Wage hike approved in East Visayas

Published by rudy Date posted on May 14, 2011

THE wage board in Region 8 has approved a new wage order increasing the daily minimum wage in Eastern Visayas by P8 .

The order followed the Metro Manila wage board’s order increasing by P22 the cost-of-living allowance of minimum wage earners, which was higher than what was originally proposed by employers.

The new wage order in Eastern Visayas came after the board, on its own, conducted public hearings and consultations on wages due to the increases in the prices of oil and fuel products, transport fares and basic commodities.

“The review of economic indicators revealed the need to issue a new wage order to provide relief to lowly paid workers in Region 8 to enable them to cope with oil price hikes and subsequent increases in transportation fares and prices of basic commodities,” Labor Undersecretary Danilo Cruz said.

He said the wage board had also determined that the wage increase would not impair business operations in the region. The 8-peso cost of living allowance would be integrated into the basic daily minimum wage for private sector non-agricultural workers in Region 8, raising the minimum wage there to P228 from P220 in 2008.

The new wage order brings the total daily cost-of-living allowance to P25. The daily compensation of private sector non-agricultural workers in Region 8 now stand at P248, which consists of a 228-peso-minimum wage and 20-peso allowance.

By Sept. 1, the daily compensation would total P253 with the addition of the 5-peso increase. –Vito Barcelo, Manila Standard Today

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