Local News: TUCP pushing for sugar bill’s passage in Congress

Published by rudy Date posted on January 25, 2013

The TUCP (Trade Union Congress of the Philippines) and its political arm, TUCP Partylist, which currently has one seat in Congress, are joining the sugar industry in pushing for the passage of the Sugarcane Industry Development Act authored by 3rd District Rep. Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez.

The sugarcane bill was approved with some amendments by the House Committee on Appropriations Tuesday and is expected to be passed by the House on third and final reading this January, Benitez said in an interview this week.

“The TUCP Partylist is supportive of the Sugarcane Bill because the party believes that the survival of the sugar industry is the survival of the livelihood of the sugar workers,” TUCP deputy general secretary Roland de la Cruz said in a press statement.

Benitez said his bill was approved by the House Committee on Appropriations, with amendments on the sources of funds for the development of the sugarcane industry.

The bill will then be brought to the plenary for approval on second reading, and in a few days, for third and final reading, he added.

Benitez said he expects his Sugarcane Bill to be approved in the Lower House within the month. He is also following up the passage of its counterpart bill in the Senate now pending before the Committee on Agriculture.

The counterpart sugarcane act bill was filed in the Senate by Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who is pushing for its passage in the Upper House before Congress adjourns on Feb. 9.

De la Cruz, the first nominee of TUCP Partylist in the May 2013 elections, said the National Congress of Unions inthe Sugar Industry of the Philippines- TUCP (NACU-SIP-TUCP), the largest organized labor group in the sugar industry, is also calling for Negrense congressmen to support the plan to amend the Social Amelioration Law.

“TUCP is pushing for the coverage of other alternative sugar-dependent industries such as ethanol plants under the Social Amelioration Program,” he said.

The protection and the development of the sugar industry is on the frontline of the legislative agenda of the

TUCP in the next Congress and is the reason why TUCP chose a Negrense as its first nominee, De la Cruz said.* –http://www.ndb-online.com/012513/local-news/local-news-tucp-pushing-sugar-bill%E2%80%99s-passage-congress

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