Call center hiring: What it usually take for an applicant to land in BPO job

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BEIJING, CHINA – AUGUST 29: (CHINA OUT) Workers answer telephone inquires about the recruitment of Beijing Olympic Volunteers, at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Call Center on August 29, 2006 in Beijing, China. Beijing has officially launched a recruitment drive for 100,000 Olympic volunteers, which aims to help the Chinese and foreigners get involved in the 2008 Games, according to state media

Many job hunters opt to apply to a Call Center Company or want to be part of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry for the many benefits it can offer the applicants which among others include a promising pay plus the immediate hiring process.

Normal non-BPO jobs require two (2) weeks to almost one month before an applicant can go onboard and start working. From the actual hiring to requirements processing and up until the orientation phase it eat a month to start with.

Before we discuss, what are the qualifications that a call center job aspirant should possess in order to win the position, let us first go over the different hiring phases that a particular job requires and let’s check how the human resource managers and recruiters do the selection process.


Study.Com published the phases in employees’ selection process which include application review, examination of candidates, the interview, the job criteria and requirements, back ground checking and health check.

In reviewing the candidates’ application, the Human resource manager usually search for agent’s characteristics that qualifies him for the position. They usually check the employment history of a job applicant.

Next in line would be the testing stage, often times, employers subject the applicants to verbal and written examination to test the applicant’s skills. Oftentimes, physical skills and personality test are commonly prepared for the candidates.

The next things is the interview Process.

Career Ride gives us some few interview questions that a call center applicant need to expect when applying but before we delve into that let us first finish the stages in the hiring process.

After gaging the candidates’ qualifications and successfully complying with the pre-selection procedure, the human resource manager will tell the applicants the job requirements and what characteristic of the applicant is best suited for the job then followed by the back ground qualification stage and then finally the medical test.

Call Center and BPO industry are concern about the health of its employees. Call center job requires healthy workers and people. They will surely see to it that agent’s are fit to work.

After determining the job hiring phases, let us now check what are the common question that an applicant in the BPO Industry will encounter? When interviewed by recruitment or human resources managers what are the question that are usual but important for them to now if applicant is custom fit for the job.


Here are common interview question as posted in Career Ride. Of course, the never ending, describe your self Q and A. The reason for this question is for the employers to see employees’ characteristics and traits.
Also, the never ending flexibility check.

For most of the call center jobs, the employer prefer versatile agent and agents who can cope up with the demands of the moment. Those who can do their task as assigned to them from time to time. And those who can work long hours and can manage shifting schedules.

But what really are the qualities that a call center applicant should possess to land them to the job. Below are some of the plus factor for a call center applicant to make it to the BPO Industry.


Talk Desk enumerates qualities of a successful call center agents which include the following:

1. Knowledge Retention. It is important that a call center agent is armed with the wide array of information about outsourcing and call center job.

2. An agent should also be specific and keen to details. Daily a call center receives volumes of calls but no matter how many calls they receive an agent should learn how to address clients’ inquiry properly.

3. In everyday lives, an agent should also be well organize and expected to deliver their works how the clients expect them to be. They must be always compliant with the procedures and steps in the execution of their task.

4. A call center agent should know how to manage his time and cope up with the needs of his work from time to time.

5. Foreign clients prefer friendly agents who knows how to respond to their customer properly. An agent with good speaking tone.

An agent who are responsibly emphatic and show genuine concern for their customers.
6. An agents should know how to work immediately and promptly without sacrificing the quality of their work and performance.

7. Likewise, agents should have good communication and conversational skills in order for them to maintain their position. All call center has voice and grammar training to check on the agents’ communication skills.

So if you are a call center wanna bees, try to consider the above tips in order to get yourselves to a call center job with high compensation and flexible working schedules.

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