Young females top number of 4 million new voters

Published by rudy Date posted on October 16, 2021

by Robertzon Ramirez – The Philippine Star, 16 Oct 2021

MANILA, Philippines — Female youths topped the number of newly registered voters of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as it already recorded 4,094,614 new voters, aged 18 to 21, for the May 2022 national and local elections.

Comelec records, as of Oct. 14, showed that 2,156,657 or 52.67 percent of the total number of newly registered voters aged 18 to 21 are female, while 1,937,957 or 47.32 percent are male.

Of the figures, there are 318,481 newly registered voters aged 18, composed of 171,033 or 53.70 percent female and 147,448 or 46.30 percent male.

The Comelec said that 990,380 new registered voters are 19 years old, composed of 533,070 or 53.82 percent female and 457,310 or 46.18 percent male.

A total of 1,238,284 newly registered voters are aged 20, wherein 655,663 or 52.95 percent are female while 582,621 or 47.05 percent are male.

The Comelec said that a total of 1,547,469 of the newly registered voters are aged 21, composed of 796,891 or 51.50 percent female and 750,578 or 48.50 percent male.

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