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How to write good

Published by rudy Date posted on December 9, 2014
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Top ten spelling peeves

Published by rudy Date posted on December 5, 2014
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Mixed metaphors

Published by rudy Date posted on March 13, 2013

English professors love to catch the errors students make in their term papers, and they love nothing better than to catch mixed metaphors. The “friends and survivors” of Calvin College English department collected this list of mixed metaphors and posted them on their web site:

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Learn English the Smart way

Published by rudy Date posted on March 30, 2012

Mobile subscribers can now access English lessons anytime, anywhere via their cellphone, for only P15 a week. This is made possible via a new e-learning value-added service (VAS) from wireless leader Smart Communications Inc. (Smart), called Kandoo4AII. Developed by La-Mark Vision Ltd., the mobile language learning choice of over 10,000,000 users worldwide, Kandoo4All is an…

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Sorry for the lousy English. (Our bad.)

Published by rudy Date posted on July 31, 2011

Listen up, Filipinos, because this concerns you. You have adopted bad English habits from us Americans for far too long. Yes, we Yanks are responsible. Our culture pushed our slangy ways upon you; we take full blame. Our version of the King’s English is sloppy, unkempt. It’s also very malleable and attracts more new words…

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Bihar Chief Minister calls for national ban on asbestos factories

Published by rudy Date posted on February 20, 2011

New Delhi/Patna, 3/2/2011: Addressing a press conference at Indian Women’s Press Corps, Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar said, “We have not given permission to the asbestos factory.

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Some rules to keep in mind when using the Queen’s Engerlish:

Published by rudy Date posted on January 6, 2011

1. Verbs has to agree with their subjects. 2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with. 3. And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction. 4. It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.

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Turkey: Asbestos ban to take effect on Friday

Published by rudy Date posted on December 30, 2010

Turkey will ban production, use and supply of asbestos as of Friday, a related directorate said on Thursday.

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Editorial: Stop promoting asbestos exports

Published by rudy Date posted on December 13, 2010

When Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc was asked what he thought of Industry Minister Clement Gignac’s proposal to have the government’s workplace health and safety board conduct an annual audit on the safe use of Quebec asbestos in countries to which the product is exported, he respectfully declined. For good political reasons, if not good…

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Victims, activists urge Canada to stop asbestos exports

Published by rudy Date posted on December 8, 2010

MONTREAL—Jeong-Rim Lee went to high school near a cement factory that used asbestos in its mixtures, in the central South Korean city of Daejeon. Then, a few years later, she took an apartment just a few hundred metres from the same factory.

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Email from Asbestos expert Kathleen Ruff in response to a letter by Serge Boislard of Mouvement Pro-Chrysotile

Published by rudy Date posted on December 8, 2010

From: Kathleen Ruff To: Serge Boislard Sent: August 06, 2009 Subject: Thank you for your letter Dear Mr Boislard, Thank you for your letter of July 24. I appreciate your taking the time to communicate your comments.

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Both sides of Quebec’s asbestos battle speak out

Published by rudy Date posted on December 8, 2010

Both sides of asbestos mining spoke out today issuing press releases. One side claims that health and safety is at stake while the other claims its jobs are at stake.

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An Asian anti-asbestos delegation visits

Published by rudy Date posted on December 7, 2010

Quebec: A familiar crusade, even if it has come from far away… ASBESTOS, QC, Dec. 7 /CNW Telbec/ – The Mouvement Pro Chrysotile simply cannot believe the considerable efforts being expended by anti-asbestos activists to prevent the Jeffrey chrysotile mine in Asbestos from opening. Not satisfied with having recently pontificated from the heights of their…

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Exporting death: Another popular Harper foreign policy

Published by rudy Date posted on October 15, 2010

What do you call a country that deliberately sells products abroad that will kill many people? You call it Canada. What do you call it when a state action kills a large numbers of defenseless people? You call it a crime against humanity. So how can exporting death by Canadian asbestos not be a crime…

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Asbestos: elimination of asbestos-related diseases

Published by rudy Date posted on August 23, 2010

Key facts * About 125 million people in the world are exposed to asbestos at the workplace. * According to WHO estimates, more than 107 000 people die each year from asbestos-related lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis resulting from occupational exposure.

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‘Inchoate’? It’s not yet completed

Published by rudy Date posted on July 18, 2010

If you don’t know the meaning of the word “inchoate,” you join many readers of The New York Times (NYT) who have looked up the word and many others in the NYT’s website built-in American Heritage dictionary. According to a feature published in The Daily Tribune (source not mentioned) “inchoate,” “profligacy,” “sui generis” and “austerity”…

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Published by rudy Date posted on May 2, 2010

Dear Fellow Communicators, As an observer of language, I came across a very instructive case study recently of how a revealing, off-the-cuff press statement of a presidential candidate, Sen. Benigno Aquino III, was fudged in translation and in paraphrase by certain media outlets that reported it. The concern of Jose Carillo’s English Forum being primarily…

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Funny spelling bloopers

Published by rudy Date posted on April 15, 2010

[Following are some very funny spelling bloopers caught in US local newspapers, publications and various emails – as reported in Clean Laffs. See if you can catch the goofs.]

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Good Practice Note: Asbestos: Occupational and Community Health Issues

Published by rudy Date posted on March 23, 2010

Download the text in PDF format

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10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

Published by rudy Date posted on March 6, 2010

These days, we tend to communicate via the keyboard as much as we do verbally. Often, we’re in a hurry, quickly dashing off e-mails with typos, grammatical shortcuts (I’m being kind here), and that breezy, e.e. cummings, no-caps look. It’s expected. It’s no big deal. But other times, we try to invest a little care,…

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Quebec two-faced on environmental issues

Published by rudy Date posted on February 17, 2010

Quebec has some nerve to come after the Alberta oilsands industry. Its latest high-profile salvo came after the Copenhagen climate conference in December, when Premier Jean Charest singled out Alberta for causing Canada to adopt what he considered weak targets for reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Asbestos in the construction industry

Published by rudy Date posted on February 17, 2010

Asbestos is a silicate mineral that has proved very effective in a variety of industries, before the people the dangers that had implemented involved with their use. Before it came under strict conditions, asbestos has been an integral part of the construction industry, including the many different trades involved in the construction process.

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Premier charest accused Of lying about asbestos

Published by rudy Date posted on February 15, 2010

With another damning report published on asbestos in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, a group of prominent Canadian physicians have accused Premier Jean Charest of lying to the public about the mineral, rebutting his contention asbestos has benign uses.

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Canada still exports asbestos, but mostly for Third World construction

Published by rudy Date posted on February 12, 2010

Asbestos is back in the news as efforts are made by a United Nations agency to add the chrysotile variety of asbestos to the world’s list of most hazardous substances.

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New campaign launched to bring attention to national asbestos problem

Published by rudy Date posted on February 12, 2010

“Ban Asbestos Now,” a campaign to build awareness of the continued use of asbestos in the United States, today launched the Ban Asbestos Now Video Search, asking students across the United States to use their creativity to draw national attention to the toxic, and often deadly, substance considered “the largest manmade public health crisis in…

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Health Canada report ties asbestos to lung cancer – releases more than a year report

Published by rudy Date posted on January 10, 2010

OTTAWA — Health Canada sat for more than a year on a report by a panel of international experts that concludes there is a “strong relationship” between lung cancer and chrysotile asbestos mined in Canada.

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Meet Quebec’s ‘Mr. Asbestos’

Published by rudy Date posted on December 27, 2009

For a freshly graduated mining engineer, circa 1969, the Jeffrey asbestos mine in Asbestos, Que., offered Bernard Coulombe one of those exceptional – and irresistible – career opportunities.

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Quebec government holding onto health report into link between asbestos and cancer

Published by rudy Date posted on December 4, 2009

MONTREAL – For eight months, the Quebec government has been holding on to a report that explores the link between asbestos-related cancer and Canada’s only community that still mines the substance.

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Landmark legal case over Clitheroe man’s asbestos death

Published by rudy Date posted on November 13, 2009

A LEGAL test case over the death of a Clitheroe man could trigger millions of pounds worth of claims over asbestos-related deaths.

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Asbestos killing more Canadians than ever

Published by rudy Date posted on November 9, 2009

Cancer cases linked to mineral rise sharply MONTREAL — An aggressive cancer linked to asbestos is killing more Canadians than ever before, even decades after the end of a boom that saw buildings stuffed with the toxic substance.

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