Over half of E.U. countries are opting out of GMOs

Published by rudy Date posted on October 3, 2015

16 countries want to prohibit genetically modified crops Sixteen countries have alerted the European Union that they want to opt out of E.U.-approved GM crops.

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PH now biggest grower of GM crops

Published by rudy Date posted on March 1, 2015

MANILA – The Philippines is now the twelfth biggest grower of genetically modified (GM) crops. This was achieved in 2014 when 415,000 farmers planted Bt (Basillus thuringionsis) corn in 831,000 hectares, enabling the country to maintain its rank as among the world’s “biotech mega-countries” or nations that produce GM crops in 50,000 hectares or more,…

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Pinoy farmers speak up in favor of GMOs

Published by rudy Date posted on February 7, 2014

More than anyone else, it’s farmers who are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the debate over genetically-modified foods or organisms (GMOs). In any discussion of biotechnology, there is much opposition and controversy. On one side are the scientists and researchers who put forth the lab tests and field…

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Execs restrict tests of genetic ‘talong’ in Davao

Published by rudy Date posted on November 6, 2011

DAVAO CITY—Tests of genetically modified organisms (GMO) would be allowed in the city only on condition these are done in a “strictly confined environment.”

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What’s the latest on genetically modified foods and artificial sweeteners?

Published by rudy Date posted on October 4, 2011

These two health topics are among the most controversial and emotional health issues today. Many groups have openly come out against planting and eating genetically modified foods. Likewise, there continues to be fear among many people that using artificial sweeteners can produce all kinds of medical problems, including cancer.

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Farmers worry that patent issue forbids them to store seeds for next planting

Published by rudy Date posted on September 4, 2011

GRANTING that golden rice is safe and farmers become willing to plant it, there is a commercial issue that worries them. That is because the creators and proponents, which refers to themselves as a humanitarian organization, have entered into a contract with an international commercial biotechnology corporation.

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PhilRice’s Biotechnology head explains why Golden Rice poses no Vitamin A toxicity risk

Published by rudy Date posted on September 4, 2011

AFTER lawmakers, farmers and consumers bombarded the golden rice project with criticisms during a roundtable discussion at the House of Representatives, a Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) official clarified the safety issues raised against the genetically modified rice variety.

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Congress panel probing into health threats of another GMO, BT eggplant

Published by rudy Date posted on September 4, 2011

THE Congressional Committee on Agriculture and Food is investigating in aid of legislation the field test of BT eggplant, a genetically modified vegetable reportedly causing health risks and allegedly intended for commercial release in the country this year.

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We must be less Ideological and more scientific

Published by rudy Date posted on September 4, 2011

GOLDEN rice (or Golden Rice with G and R in capitals, as the global Golden Rice Humanitarian Board, which is the proponent of the Golden Rice Project, prefers to have it written) could be the solution to one of the world’s most serious malnutrition problems: VAD. Vitamin A deficiency.

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Lawmakers, farmers, consumers question safety of Golden Rice

Published by rudy Date posted on September 4, 2011

IS golden rice safe? Lawmakers share the fears of consumer groups, farmers and some scientists that this genetically modified rice variety poses serious heath risks. In a round table last August 23 at the House of Representatives, legislators, farmers and consumers raised safety issues before biotechnology experts from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippine…

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Battleground sizzles over GM crops

Published by rudy Date posted on August 17, 2011

THE battleground for a protracted war heats up as Department of Agriculture (DA) stood firm in its decision to allow science-based assessment and experiments of any genetically modified (GM) crop in the country despite vehement opposition by environmental groups—particularly Greenpeace.

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DENR exec pushes for genetically modified organisms in food production

Published by rudy Date posted on July 20, 2011

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines—Biotechnology, including genetically modified organisms, could help ensure food security for the country, according to the head of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (DENR-ERDB).

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Biotech crops shrinking global pesticide mart

Published by rudy Date posted on June 12, 2011

LOS BAÑOS, Laguna ,Philippines – The global crop protection market is shrinking. This can be attributed to, among other things, the “biotechnology revolution” sweeping the international agriculture sector.

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UP scientists blast raid on Bt eggplant test site

Published by rudy Date posted on January 2, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – The forcible uprooting of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) eggplant planted at the UP Mindanao campus has earned the ire of academics and scientists who were appalled at what they describe as an “invasion,” saying it amounts to an “assault on the quest for truth.”

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Vatican won’t challenge RP bishops on GMO

Published by rudy Date posted on December 22, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – Vatican officials had expressed support for genetically modified crops (GMOs) but are unwilling to challenge bishops from the Philippines and other Catholic leaders who disagree, claiming GMO is being pushed by Washington, according to leaked diplomatic cables from the US embassy in the Vatican.

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Davao stops planting of modified eggplants

Published by rudy Date posted on December 20, 2010

THE Davao City government on Friday stopped the test planting of genetically engineered eggplants at the University of the Philippines’ Mindanao Campus in Bago Oshiro on fears they posed risks to health.

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Mass production of genetically modified ‘talong’ in RP looms

Published by rudy Date posted on September 29, 2010

KIDAPAWAN CITY—Field tests of what environmentalists described as “frankentalong” (genetically modified eggplants) have spread to a North Cotabato town that serves as the province’s main vegetable producer.

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RP still a biotech ‘mega country’

Published by rudy Date posted on March 15, 2010

LOS BAÑOS, Laguna, Philippines — Still a biotechnology “mega-country”. The Philippines planted genetically modified (GM) corn in 450,00 hectares in 2009, sustaining its ranking in the league of the world’s biotech “mega-countries”.

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Importation of genetically modified rice variety OK’d

Published by rudy Date posted on November 23, 2009

MANILA, Philippines – The Court of Appeals (CA) has given the government clearance to allow the importation of Liberty Link Rice 62 (LLRice62), an allegedly genetically modified rice variety.

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Livestock industry proposes repeal of anti-GMO ordinance

Published by rudy Date posted on August 4, 2009

BACOLOD CITY: The livestock industry in Negros Occidental called on members of the provincial council to base their decision on “facts and figures” and hasten the repeal of the controversial anti-genetically modified ordinance (GMO) that has hogged the local headlines here for months now. 

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Expert slams US lobby for entry of genetically modified organisms

Published by rudy Date posted on August 1, 2009

BACOLOD City: The ongoing debate regarding the anti-genetically modified organisms ordinance gets heated with both sides getting emotional and some activists walking-out at the marathon en banc hearing at the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol on Thursday.

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Groups want labeling of GMO food products

Published by rudy Date posted on July 27, 2009

Iloilo City — Groups opposing the use of genetically modified organisms are calling for the compulsory labeling of products containing GMOs as a guide to consumers.

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NGO urges Agriculture department to protect local consumers

Published by rudy Date posted on July 4, 2009

AN environmental group asked anew the Department of Agriculture (DA) to protect the welfare of Filipino consumers and farmers by prohibiting genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops in the country. 

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Gov. seeks review of GMO ban

Published by rudy Date posted on July 4, 2009

Contoversial ordinance was crafted to turn Negros into ‘organic bowl’ BACOLOD CITY: After months of debate and growing opposition to the anti-GMO (genetically modified organisms) ordinance recently implemented in the Province of Negros Occidental, Gov. Isidro Zayco finally asked the provincial board council to subject the said law under a “thorough review.”

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DA’s top biotech expert says GMOs are safe

Published by rudy Date posted on September 26, 2007

The top biotechnology expert of the Department of Agriculture (DA) has reassured consumers that all genetically modified organisms (GMOs) approved for commercial release, whether for food, feed or processing, are safe and pose no health risks to consumers.

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