TUCP appeals to transport groups to re-consider planned strike

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today appealed to transport groups to re-asses tomorrow’s planned transport strike saying that the strike will not help solve the problem of high fuel prices and will only take a heavy toll on workers who comprise the bulk of the commuting public.

“While we fully empathize with the issues raised by our colleagues in the transport sector, we do not believe that a transport strike at this point will help in anyway. It will only make life difficult for the millions of workers who rely on public transport everyday”, TUCP said.

The strike according to TUCP will force workers to skip work and make them lose the day’s pay. “In these very hard times, the last thing we need is for workers to lose much needed money”, TUCP added.

The TUCP emphasized a transport strike will not force government to lower down prices of fuel because the setting up of prices is already in the hands of oil companies and market forces.

The labor center instead urged transport groups to bring the issue doorsteps of Congress. TUCP said that since it was Congress that passed the Oil Deregulation Act in 1996, it should exercise its oversight functions by reviewing the effects of the law in the lives of Filipinos. TUCP had previously called on Congress to review the implementation of the law.

The TUCP also warned transport groups that some elements might take advantage of the planned strike to advance their own political designs. The TUCP cited the case of the strike at the Hacienda Luisita where leftist elements reportedly infiltrated the ranks of workers.

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